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having a single mode

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Several parameters have been proposed to quantify the helicoidal stability [28, 29], based on measurements from a black and white real-time video on unimodal polyethylene resins.
Red-crested Cardinals showed: (1) an extended breeding season (Oct-Feb) where nest initiation followed a unimodal distribution over the breeding season, (2) several nesting attempts during the breeding season, (3) nesting only occurred on native tree species, (4) small clutch size (modal clutch size of 3 eggs), (5) an incubation period of only 12 days and a nestling period of 14 days, and (6) high rates of nest failure because of predation.
Markedly lower joint material SCG failure times were also observed in work by other researchers on PE resins, (21) PE resins used in gas pipelines, (18) and our earlier study on unimodal HDPE resins.
The unimodal size structure observed here suggests a poor recruitment pulse and lower mortality at the adult stage (Barry & Tegner 1990), similar to those observed in P.
8) that as the MW of the second mode was increased (EPDM 2), we were able to achieve cure states that were much higher than those of the unimodal control, high MW oil extended EPDM (EPDM 6), although the Mn of the final polymer is much lower.
He used stress rupture data from several unimodal medium-density PE materials, unimodal high-density PE materials and also bimodal high-density materials.
melanogaster was unimodal, with more than 50% concentrated in the 4 h immediately after the dark period and more than 80% in the 8 h following the dark period, showing an extremely significant effect of photoperiod.
It is possible that although individuals without sight may develop unimodal sensory images that are equally as vivid as those of sighted people, they may develop fewer multimodal images.
The unimodal oocyte diameter percent frequency distribution suggests that Alabama shad spawn multiple times in a spawning season.
The algorithms of these variable selection methods and their characteristics are illustrated by two case studies with unimodal distribution.
Early-maturing ovaries have developing oocytes in a unimodal recruitment stock; the oocytes are opaque-white yet remain very small.
Differential evolution (DE), proposed initially by Price and Storn in 1995, is a population based stochastic search algorithm (Storn and Price, 1995), and has been successfully applied to solve complex problems including linear and nonlinear, unimodal and multimodal functions.
Stanley, Unimodal and log-concave sequences in algebra, combinatorics, and geometry, in Graph Theory and Its Applications: East and West, Ann.
1,7,13-15) Interestingly Hsieh et al (16) found a unimodal learning preference (87%) in undergraduate biomedical students and Samarakoon et al (15) found the majority (52%) of their College of Medicine postgraduates were unimodal learners.
Carriage of goods by sea, land and air; unimodal and multimodal transport in the 21st century.