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having a single mode

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8 Accordingly, learning preferences were categorised as either: unimodal (V, A, R, or K); bimodal (VA, VR, VK, AR, AK, and RK); trimodal (VAR, VAK, VRK and ARK); or quadmodal (VARK).
Chi-square test was used to find any gender association between unimodal and multimodal learning preferences among the medical students.
The device offers higher identification accuracy than unimodal fingerprint devices and LED lighting to provide user feedback on scan quality during initial enrollment and subsequent accepted or rejected identification.
The most common VARK mode distribution among students was unimodal 115 (54%) learning style preference, followed by bimodal (32%), trimodal (12%), and quadmodal (2%).
In the unimodal condition, 10 participants were exposed to 40 unimodal stimuli (20 images and 20 sounds presented in an isolated and random fashion).
These functions can be examined in three categories: unimodal functions, multimodal functions, and fixed-dimensional multimodal functions.
Vector Gaussian learning has a certain influence on the performance of the algorithm on the unimodal functions in Fig.
lituratus (Duarte & Talamoni, 2010) and Anoura geoffroyi (Baumgarten & Vieira, 1994; Zortea, 2003) in populations subject to unimodal rainfall regimes in Brazilian localities.
Por otro lado, el analisis de la distribucion entre pares de secuencias (Mistmach distribution) realizado en las cinco islas de estudio en conjunto, presento una distribucion unimodal como se aprecia en la figura 1.
Analisando as distribuicoes diametricas das tres especies (Tabela 3), percebe-se que se apresentaram de forma unimodal com assimetria a direita, e nao com distribuicoes decrescentes ou em forma de "J" invertido que caracterizam as florestas nativas, Machado et al.
To sum up, global search ability of the proposed algorithm is strengthened using random walk with Levy-flight to eliminate the weakness of MFO, its being trapped in local minimum is prevented, and it is observed to give more successful results particularly for unimodal and multimodal benchmark functions.
Used stress rupture data from several unimodal medium-density PE materials, unimodal high-density PE materials and also bimodal high-density materials, he found stress rupture data for all these PE materials could be shifted into one master curve.
If they preferred a single sensory modality then they were considered as unimodal, two preferences as bimodal and three as trimodal learners.