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Synonyms for unimaginative

Synonyms for unimaginative

Synonyms for unimaginative

deficient in originality or creativity

dealing only with concrete facts

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lacking spontaneity or originality or individuality

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Moreover, the redundancy of this plot throughout all Readers quickly causes uninterest, unimaginativeness, and ineffectiveness among students and instructors; worse, unvarying stories frequently results in like teaching, with ultimate development of critical thinking skills stalled.
Published shortly before Poe wrote 'Metzengerstein' this volume showcases verse dealing with the craft of writing and the nature of inspiration, and in several poems from this collection, 'East' and 'West' operate as metaphorical shorthand, with 'East' representing poetic genius and 'West' suggesting unimaginativeness.
Unimaginativeness of the volume's title notwithstanding, its authors, via fairly novel discursive methods, do succeed in providing a nuanced and balanced interpretation of the resurgence of political Islam in one of the most economically dynamic and socially diverse parts of the world.
Glyer laments the fact that influence implies "accusations of unimaginativeness, lack of originality, plagiarism, theft, and so forth" (citing Hermeren, 216).
Probably the most appealing aspect of the new alternative proposed here is its unimaginativeness.