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in a matter-of-fact manner


without imagination

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Thereafter it was steered unimaginatively through the score at moderate pace by conductor Andres Omzco-Estrada, whose most distinguished moments came when he efficiently rescued a few instances of lost synchronization between stage and orchestra.
Six Beauforts from 217 were assigned to the strike, unimaginatively called 'Mission Ship' - and the crews quickly realised they weren't coming back.
The new CinemaScope process had been unimaginatively deployed until John Sturges got to grips with it.
SHAPPI is back with her new show, unimaginatively titled Shappi Khorsandi Live.
The unimaginatively named SARSASP (one presumes it stands for Sarsilmaz Semi-Auto Special Purpose) is the top of a line that includes pump guns from Plane Jane to pimped out and a smaller number of semi-autos.
EUROKO was more scathing, insisting that he should be replaced if there would be any hope of productive Cyprus talks, while the ultra-nationalist Greens, unimaginatively, dismissed the Australian's views as "unacceptable", because they were using the economy to put pressure on the government.
And with childcare now an issue, it opens up a whole host of TV-staples for the scriptwriters to unimaginatively choose from.
And with childcare now an issue, it opens up a whole host of TV staples for the scriptwriters to unimaginatively choose from.
Tony Mowbray took a strong squad to Scotland for the match, which was played in the unimaginatively named Falkirk Stadium, a neat, nearly-new, three-sided ground on the outskirts of the town.
As we watch him learn how to use rocks to break open nuts, conflict arises with a rival group headed by an alpha male unimaginatively named Scar.
The coalition dealt unimaginatively with the arrival of Najib Mikati as prime minister, and in its zeal to discredit him, it has taken political positions contradicting those it had adopted in the past.
Mr Basic Bassist will unimaginatively plod along to your finest work and hit more bum notes than Les Dawson when the going rises above moderate difficulty.
In today's context, no teacher worth her salt would have handled this kind of situation so unimaginatively.
The Portland ewe, unimaginatively named '3462' after her tag number, shot to prominence after starring in MyFarm's 'RamCam' video.
And, of course, there's that unimaginatively named Oregon city, Oregon City.