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These cysts have been referred to in the literature by a variety of names, such as biliary cyst, nonparasitic cyst of the liver, benign hepatic cyst, congenital hepatic cyst, unilocular cyst of the liver and solitary cyst of the liver.
In 23 cases, images were characterized by anechoic content with detachment of laminated membrane from the cyst wall, visible as a water-lily design; some had a unilocular cyst containing daughter cysts, but the whole cyst form was less rounded.
1-cm simple unilocular cyst at the base of the tongue (figure 2).
Another benign lesion of the ovary that occurs during pregnancy and may be mistaken for a neoplasm is an uncommon, large, unilocular cyst first described by Clement and Scully (71) in 1980 as large solitary luteinized follicle cyst of pregnancy and puerperium.
The contents of the cysts usually resemble those of a unilocular cyst but may contain serosanguineous or proteinaceous material.
They exhibit either a unilocular cyst (Figure 15) or a multilocular microcystic pattern.
Complex masses that increase in size or complexity should indeed be removed, but simple unilocular cysts and even cysts with septations have a high degree of resolution on their own.