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failing to inform or clarify

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I don't love magical realism generally--I hated Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude--and Rushdie's version struck me as particularly heavy-handed, jejune and, worst of all, unilluminating.
at 862 ("Based on our examination of legislative history, we agree with the Court of Appeals that it is unilluminating.
The results reveal that the Stopford and Wells Model is unilluminating for matrices mainly because high (3) foreign product diversification is not fitted by matrices.
Her dutiful slog through the litany of gripes from right-wing commentators and media organizations is likewise unilluminating (they blame nefarious Hollywood liberals).
The Senate Committee report failed even to mention section 5 in its summary of the bill's key provisions, and the House Report gave it only a cursory and unilluminating glance.
Rarely does this author break free from the standard tired and unilluminating terms of the post-structuralist cognoscenti.
The mathematical pyrotechnics in the top economics journals may be valuable in their own right, but in terms of understanding political economy as it unfolds when not confined to an institutional vacuum, they are often unilluminating.
Instances of unilluminating light scattered through the novel are symptomatic of the uncanny--which, we must remember is unclear--and the inadequacy of knowledge.
That is, do our reasons for finding the interpretation/construction distinction unhelpful or unilluminating tell as well against the more general effort to conceptualize distinct steps or outputs of constitutional implementation?
At first blush, such a thesis sounds trite and unilluminating, until we look at the "root causes," as the expression goes, of that tragedy.
Even though the final section is built around 25 lessons, the lessons feel rote, unilluminating.
Devolution, the n, is not necessarily implied, but rather generalization, which is in keeping with the curiously precise yet unilluminating descriptions of character and setting in this poem.
So without further reviewing what these others have said and the already large (and largely unilluminating derivative literature), I will proceed to examine the serious problems for a discourse on economic justice that an acceptance of the postmodern turn poses.
As a narrative, however, these facts are equally unilluminating.