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Synonyms for unilluminating

failing to inform or clarify

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That is, do our reasons for finding the interpretation/construction distinction unhelpful or unilluminating tell as well against the more general effort to conceptualize distinct steps or outputs of constitutional implementation?
At first blush, such a thesis sounds trite and unilluminating, until we look at the "root causes," as the expression goes, of that tragedy.
Even though the final section is built around 25 lessons, the lessons feel rote, unilluminating.
and operates, I find, at an unilluminating level of generality.
Read in isolation, the drafting of the Free Exercise Clause is unilluminating, as the next Part of this Article shows.
Although classes of this kind may be of diachronic interest, it is unilluminating to define an 'asigmatic' class that contains verbs whose past forms lack 's' because no other properties correlate with an irregular past form.
Following an exemplary summary of how ideology informs exegesis, Marshall argues that "Jewish Christianity" is "an inconsistent, undertheorized, unilluminating, and ultimately detrimental category" for interpreting the Apocalypse (p.
1797, 1853-54 ("The history of the Confrontation Clause is notoriously unilluminating.
Although updated with a brief and unilluminating epilogue, the book remains very disappointing.
3) I myself find that the scenes in which we see Moore trying and (up until near the end) failing to gain access to Roger Smith (his being told that he can't take the elevator to the fourteenth floor, or that Smith isn't actually in the private club where Moore had been told he could find him) are not just frustrating and predictable (which on one level they are obviously meant to be) but also unilluminating and frankly (especially on a second viewing) irritating.
The child John, unwilling and novice "seer," is led through a series of unilluminating answers by the adult world, particularly that world as represented by his mother.
Yet, political tactics aside, the Bush proposal deserves thoughtful analysis, whereas immediate criticisms have been both predictable and largely unilluminating.
Trying to figure out exactly who's in Ultra-red from their text-heavy CD booklets or extensive website is an unilluminating task, which seems to be the point.