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an advocate of unilateralism

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have pursued a unilateralist approach on this issue?
The illegal and unilateralist US policy of using drones to kill people in Pakistan is absolutely unacceptable and the federal government should ensure that this unlawful US action is stopped immediately.
But Clinton's other failures are ones that the Republicans will not want to emphasise since they follow the aggressive unilateralist line that George W.
Benabdellah insinuated that some PJD ministers try to rally public support around their party through unilateralist actions.
This resulted in unilateralist behavior under Bill W.
nonimperial, foreign policy, Codevilla advances a robust, unilateralist stance.
Most of America's allies as well as adversaries opposed Bush's unilateralist foreign policy because it imposed high costs on them--often without their consent.
Bush himself, who had dreams of an empire, fed by neoconservatives in his simple mind, went back on some unilateralist policies, when he began to stumble in Iraq more than a year after his army invaded the country.
Although the liberal Wilsonians--such as Hillary Clinton, Richard Holbrooke, and Madeleine Albright--are less unilateralist than the neo-conservatives and are much more in love with international organizations, they share the neo-conservatives' passion for armed social work and nation-building.
But the belief thatAmerica, and indeed thewiderworld,will undergo a conversion from a unilateralist hell to amultilateral heaven is fanciful.
15, America's lame duck president, the unilateralist George W.
As Samuel Huntington observed, Europeans, no longer feeling militarily threatened, soon described America as a "rogue superpower"--"intrusive, interventionist, exploitative, unilateralist, hegemonic, hypocritical.
The city's unilateralist approach to this matter, however, has set the stage for conflict.
A unilateralist country could not in the future take advantage of the most powerful positive forces on the bright side of globalization or have enough troops or money or will to fight the dark forces on its own.
After Mr Bush agreed to seek another UN resolution before invading, Mr Campbell said the President joked tohim that "I suppose you can tell the story of how Tony flew in and pulled the crazed unilateralist back from the brink".
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