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an advocate of unilateralism

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The United States has oft been seen by many of its allies as acting in a unilateralist fashion, in part due to the go-it-alone military actions of various American administrations.
The AEA believes that this unilateralist approach will jeopardise progress at ICAO level.
In fact, these episodes epitomize both powers' unilateralist approach to international law.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan said that the illegal and unilateralist US policy of using drones to kill people in Pakistan is absolutely unacceptable.
And secondly, she has performed very well over a wide variety of issues where she has stood up for the traditional values that the US has supported, moving the US away from the unilateralist Bush legacy.
According to Michael, the trajectory of Cyprus's peace talks was characterized by the tension between historical determinism and the unilateralist aspirations of pervasive ethnonationalist sovereignty.
He predicted the downfall of the government if the PJD ministers pursued the path of unilateralist ideological measures rather than social and economic ones.
The unilateralist temptation in American foreign policy.
The ideal Foreign Secretary, it is suggested, would address the issues of the day by employing quiet negotiation and compromise along with a more robust and unilateralist approach if required, thereby balancing the two approaches.
Mehman-Parast concluded by noting that the international community had been suffering much of the unilateralist views of the US, stressing that Washington has to be pressured to change its attitudes.
PETER J BROWN, Middlesbrough * * * * * * A passionate, principled idealist, A peace loving unilateralist, No care about style, Would go that extra mile, A writer, a scholar and a socialist.
nonimperial, foreign policy, Codevilla advances a robust, unilateralist stance.
Most of America's allies as well as adversaries opposed Bush's unilateralist foreign policy because it imposed high costs on them--often without their consent.
Bush himself, who had dreams of an empire, fed by neoconservatives in his simple mind, went back on some unilateralist policies, when he began to stumble in Iraq more than a year after his army invaded the country.
15, America's lame duck president, the unilateralist George W.
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