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the doctrine that nations should conduct their foreign affairs individualistically without the advice or involvement of other nations

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Now the Obama Administration wants to use the veto again, with the moral justification that unilateralism is misguided.
Opponents of Bush, with Obama at their head, had built their opposition on various items, such as their rejection of unilateralism in US foreign policy.
What's certain is that the Obama administration will not repeat the mistakes of Bush and his neocons, who have been criticized for their unilateralism, arrogance and recklessness in putting military power before diplomacy.
JMP expressed its strong disapproval of unilateralism, which GPC follows through exclusively and illegally dealing with national issues alone, leaving no chance to other political partners to contribute to solving national issues.
His call for multilateral action is likely to be seen as a rejection of the unilateralism of the administration of President George Bush, which always deeply distrusted the UN.
Cabrisas, predicting that annual Iran-Cuba commerce will soon rise to 500 million euros--up from the current 200 million euros--noted the two countries' "common voice in condemning unilateralism and hegemony of big powers.
Deterring the war crimes of statespeople would require concerted international condemnation and that might take time and persistence, especially in view of the nationalistic arrogance and unilateralism of the current Bush administration.
Recently, in the case of the current Bush presidency, some have confused this with presidential imperialism, but as Adam Warber explains, this process of unilateralism did not start with George W.
Losing Iraq doesn't just criticise the policies of unilateralism, preemption, and possible deception that launched the war; it documents the process of returning sovereignty to an occupied Iraq.
The New Era of Executive Unilateralism and Electronic Surveillance
Apart from the fact that I do not share Mr Dougan's enthusiasm for a brand of unilateralism from Europe that Britain would soon find untenable, may I just refer to your mentioning Derek Dougan as being a member of the Wolves FA cup winning side of 1974?
I think there are many Japanese who have serious doubts about our Iraq policy and about American unilateralism,'' William Breer, Japan affairs chief of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said.
By contrast, Bush's messianic militarism, his imperial unilateralism, and his assault not only on the Bill of Rights but also on the Magna Carta were more difficult to anticipate.
The report - European Unilateralism - is published today by the APEC Study Centre at Monash University, Australia.
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