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the doctrine that nations should conduct their foreign affairs individualistically without the advice or involvement of other nations

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It has only been when the left is in open rebellion that unilateralism has been seized on by large numbers of Labour supporters.
The Iraq war was a reflection of America's unilateralism.
It will certainly agitate Pyongyang, which has apparently been worried about Bush shifting his hard-line unilateralism to Asia after the Iraq war.
Dual-key exchange rate intervention would also induce constructive, system-enhancing behavior from the three major economics--unification of eurozone positions; visible rejection of unilateralism by the United States; and commitment by Japan that Asian monetary unification would not be used against the euro or dollar--conducive to a more stable international financial architecture.
This irrational fear that the ICC will function as Lilliputian tether to American unilateralism drives the Bush administration's policy planners' reckless determination to discredit the young court.
Unilateralism brings no commitment from the Palestinian side.
The administration's reputation for unilateralism notwithstanding, Hughes concludes, "an apparently new U.
The White House responded by warning Israel against unilateralism and called on both sides to drop pre-conditions.
Of course a negotiated settlement would be preferable but with a presidential election due next year and bearing in mind Washington's shift towards unilateralism -especially in trade -it would be a dereliction of duty for the EU not to defend our economic interests, especially as the 'special relationship' has produced so little for Britain.
The US possesses overwhelming military might but US unilateralism would reap a bitter harvest,''he was due to say.
Who sang a siren song of unilateralism, ridiculing the very notion that the United States should seek or needed to seek the approval of our allies?
The saber rattling for war in Iraq had already begun, and I was constantly asked to defend President Bush's blatant unilateralism.
For reasons of solidarity and as a corrective measure to counter America's aggressive unilateralism it is essential that Europe creates an authentic, formidable rival to its transatlantic counterpart.
These include unilateralism, low development assistance, partiality in the Middle East and blind selfishness on environmental issues.
IN RECENT YEARS unilateralism has emerged as the most contentious issue in U.
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