unilateral contract

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a one-sided agreement whereby you promise to do (or refrain from doing) something in return for a performance (not a promise)

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The First Circuit determined that there was a sufficient nexus between UPGO's acts and the United States because the offer for the unilateral contract took place in the United States and it was through the offer that UPGO engaged in commerce in the U.
46) After finding UPGO made an offer for a unilateral contract, the court consequently determined UPGO's intent.
The May Agreement, October Agreement, and powers of attorney were only signed by UPGO and, therefore, under Massachusetts law are perceived as an offer for a unilateral contract.
66) As a unilateral contract might be revoked at anytime before complete performance, many courts had adopted a "promissory construction where that can be reasonably given.
Doubtless wherever possible, as a matter of interpretation, a court would and should interpret an offer as contemplating a bilateral rather than a unilateral contract, since in a bilateral contract both parties are protected from a period prior to the beginning of performance on either side--that is from the making of the mutual promises.
Rejecting the notion that there was an offer of a unilateral contract, he found promissory intent and a binding bilateral contract.
Congress intended the TTRA's unilateral contract modifications
The first unilateral contract modification called for by section
The second unilateral contract modification instructed the Forest
The Copyright Office notes that tethering of downloads to a single computer and unilateral contract terms that attempt to override copyright law may be problematic, but concludes that the problems raised by them are either speculative or premature or beyond the scope of the report.
However, he went on to criticize the Copyright Office for not recognizing that the problems created by tethering and unilateral contracts need to be addressed now, not at some vague time in the future.
WSRL intends to enter into framework agreements with three primary and two secondary contractors, for a period of two (2) years with the option to unilateral contracts, two (2) times for one (1) year, under identical conditions, renew.
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