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Synonyms for unidentified

Synonyms for unidentified

not yet identified

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being or having an unknown or unnamed source

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A tortured body of unidentified 20-year-old man was recovered from Agra Taj Colony in Lyari.
In another instance, unidentified thieves deprived a citizen from his car in main Saddar.
The source said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The unidentified aircraft targeted a truck loaded with flour during unloading in Balsqlaoah area, killing seven civilians and wounding nine others.
Second row: Mr Tutin, sanitary engineer; unidentified, Councillor Rand, unidentified, Mr Norman.
In Napier, some unidentified persons shot dead a man.
Sunday when he was hit by a 1994 Mercury driven by an unidentified Ventura woman, the California Highway Patrol said.
Unidentified armed men opened fire on a tribesman identified as Rehman Shah Resident of Bara Khyber Agency in broad day light at busy Shuba Bazaar, local police said.
A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "Unidentified gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons on two civilians inside the Muqdadiyah market northeast of Baquba, killing them on the spot, and another one was killed near the government hospital in the center of the district by unidentified gunmen.
According to rescue sources, unidentified men shot dead Hassan s/o Yaqoob at Fawara Chowk in Garden area, within the limits of Garden Police Station.
Back row, left to right: Mr EB Hopkinson, Dick Pepper, Arthur Thompson, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Winnie Ward, unidentified, Harry Waite, unidentified.
LANCASTER - A 34-year-old Palmdale woman and an unidentified man were killed Friday night in a three-vehicle crash on Highway 138 near Lancaster, officials said Saturday.
PESHAWAR -- A worker of Jumat-e-Islami was shot dead by unidentified armed men in near Peshawar Motorway Chowk on Thursday.
Ramadi / NINA / Unidentified fighter jet bombed on Tuesday al- Rafidain Bank in al-Ratba district western Anbar.
They are (from left): Bill "Happy" Appleton, George McMaster, R Cochrane, unidentified, Joe Gooding, Freddy Oats, Tommy "Cocky" Rutter, Denis Youdale, unidentified, Harold McMann, Brian Hancock, unidentified, unidentified, Jack "Yow Yow" Gooding and unidentified.
According to police, some unidentified persons opened fire in Gulistan Johar area and seriously injured a man who was shifted to nearby hospital for treatment where he succumbed to his wounds.