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Synonyms for unicycle

a vehicle with a single wheel that is driven by pedals


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ride a unicycle

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I picked up a unicycle and gave it a go through No Fit State Circus," he said.
As much as this is for a very serious cause, I don't think you can take anyone on a unicycle too seriously.
The PS300 unicycle, specially made to Tom's specifications, was brought round to his Redcar home.
The two decided to span the country on 36-inch unicycles - Katie took up the activity after they were married - to bring attention to the Syrians.
Though the thought of traveling at highway speeds on a unicycle is exciting, the laws of physics come to bear after 25 mph, so there are no plans to expand beyond.
Mr Guinness, who taught himself to ride a unicycle during a university gap year, said: "As well as being hugely enjoyable, it offers great physical and mental benefits.
Carl Richardson, of Conwy, and Jim Williams, of Llandudno Junction, will make the gruelling 120-mile ride on their unicycles.
Daiki and Cheeky are members of a group called Witty Look which specialises in circus skills such as unicycle and acrobats.
A WELSH student is to attempt the Guinness World Record for the longest distance covered on a unicycle in 24 hours.
He has even ridden his unicycle atop the Great Wall of China.
Among the 10 other items thrown onto the road were an umbrella, a unicycle, a flowerpot, a soccer ball and a banner for traffic safety.
There were parades down the main streets of Unity and Radisson while a young girl rode a mile on her unicycle in Borden and several members of the diocese joined the trek on their bicycles.
The trip has been done by people on horseback, roller skates, a unicycle, tractor and mechanical digger - raising millions for charity.
It's one amazing bit after another, some tantalizingly brief, all brilliant: riding a six-foot unicycle and juggling some threatening-looking knives; twirling a twenty-foot lasso.
The kids are members of the Andover One-Wheelers, a club for unicycle riders.