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Synonyms for unhurried

Synonyms for unhurried

careful and slow in acting, moving, or deciding

Antonyms for unhurried

relaxed and leisurely


capable of accepting delay with equanimity

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Robert Mrozek is a gentle joy as Elwood P Dowd, the unassuming, unhurried citizen whose invisible 6ft-tall rabbit has been part of his life since he began wrestling with reality 40 years ago.
It offers time sensitive travelers an intimate, unhurried experience at various archeological sites.
Riquelme, whose stylish, unhurried play served as a throwback in a sport that's becoming faster and more athletic every season, will continue with Spain's Villarreal, but he made his national team farewell in a 3-0 romp over Brazil earlier this month in London.
It's an interesting glimpse into an alien way of life, but it's also a very unhurried one.
If they're not depriving us of sleepor privacy, they're definitely robbing usof uninterrupted conversations, romantic dinners and unhurried, unscheduled sex.
Yet they seemed nonetheless confounded by the Berkeley graduate's unhurried canvases.
There is an unhurried style that is comparable to the quiet and gradual darkness before a storm.
If you're seeking an unstructured, unhurried destination, a place to match your laid-back mood, a place where life is simple and unpretentious, with heightened spirituality, you will find this and more in Myanmar (formerly called Burma).
In this provocative work Mary Baine Campbell follows the complex career of wonder, showing, among many other things, its usefulness in early travelogues, its unhurried and several departures from proper scientific discourse, its rather factitious reemergence in female speakers such as Fontenelle's Marquise, and its inevitable metamorphosis into speechless horror in the colonial novel.
Word is that movie house majors New Line Cinema, Trimark and Castle Rock are interested in distributing the film, but George remains unfazed and unhurried.
Although his random use of speech was often gratuitous, his tone complemented the even, unhurried measure of dancing, which varied from poses in a deep Second Position squat to playful, tensionless gallops.
If the parish is following my model, these goals won't be imposed by some obscure parish or diocesan committee but will arise from our unhurried reflection on what we really desire ourselves and our parish to be.
Many families dream of the perfect lifestyle where meals are unhurried and take place in a spotless home, says Ludovico, citing Congoleum's consumer research.
But these flaws pale beside its achievements, not the least of which is that Broyles went on his own, without connections or money, which allowed him to interview many average Vietnamese in unhurried circumstances.
The proprietary "Slow-Aged" method characterizes the natural, unhurried aging process utilized in the production of the entire family of Flor de Cana rums.