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Synonyms for unhurried

Synonyms for unhurried

careful and slow in acting, moving, or deciding

Antonyms for unhurried

relaxed and leisurely


capable of accepting delay with equanimity

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It's no surprise that complex narratives, like that of House of Cards and Bloodline, are indulged at an unhurried pace.
Graham Lee was at his inimitable unhurried best when bringing Trip To Paris from a long way back to land the Chester Cup.
When they met, the two discovered a shared passion for "making good food happen" and for feeding their friends in an unhurried, laid-back style.
In general, vaccination is well-organized and held in an unhurried manner.
Running an unhurried 145 minutes, the poetic pic came and went quietly in Korea earlier this summer, but should court more receptive international audiences thanks to a fest slot in Locarno.
RIGHT from the off - a piece called Sidereal - there is an unhurried, spacious feel to this album.
It was simply unhurried and as we were with family whom we had not seen in nearly two years, we were more than happy for all the chat time allowed us.
He is an absolute fountain of knowledge, all of which he delivers in an unhurried and no-nonsense manner.
Dan Bates' percussion on the opening track, "Montage,'' is casual and unhurried, and when the other instruments appear, they seem to be mostly a casual progression, one reminiscent to the lead into the song "Misfits,'' by the Kinks in tone.
For older parents and friends bear this in mind, The very best present that you could find, Is to spend with them unhurried time, And of all their gifts, this one will be prime.
This notice is a call for information and a discussion on the subject of unhurried ambulance and patient transfers, as well as the safety telephone services - the acquisition of competitive bidding preparation Pori basic security co-operation area (Pori, Thrissur, Sastmola).
She creates an unhurried and suspenseful story with characters that engage in action oriented events.
Cardiff Steiner's Miranda Knight said: "We believe our unique, unhurried approach allows children to develop a love for learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
AS I stand outside and look to Redcar I can see all the turbines bathed in sunlight they look so majestic slowly turning, unhurried in time and at the same speed.
Unhurried feeling, year unjambed, I plead ignorance