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an inability to be helpful

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devised for their plays', the 'deliberate unhelpfulness' Buckley detected in only a few marginal notes might in fact be a wider compositional strategy governing the play's print presentation in toto; an unhelpfulness which requires that a reader imagine the play in performance while, at the same time, frustrating that effort of imagination.
PLEASE print my letter to let other readers know the unhelpfulness they will get from James Cook Hospital if they are over 60 years of age.
A club which turned obstruction and unhelpfulness into an art form has finally found its voice.
Given the unhelpfulness of the text, the Court reasoned it was required to evaluate "the plaintiff's harm, the alleged wrongdoing by the defendants, and the relationship between them.
naval ships, and its unhelpfulness on the Korean peninsula.
The unhelpfulness of the "initial policy determination"
There is the indifference and unhelpfulness of parents.
Seemingly it must be the reference to "etwas Boses," since the unhelpfulness of niemand is promptly reaffirmed.
But there appears also to be problems caused by poor and inadequate training combined on occasion with apathy, unhelpfulness and even a degree of contempt from nurses for the patients in their care.
Mazda has traditionally earned high praise for its products and dealers, unlike Mercedes-Benz whose dramatic turnaround is in stark contrast to its abysmal reputation for arrogance and unhelpfulness just a few years ago.
2d at 954 (noting unhelpfulness of requiring police officers to know phone's capabilities before acting).
As noted above, since the resumption of violence in 2001 Thailand has frequently accused Malaysia of unhelpfulness or even complicity in these events.
THE investment by Racing For Change in coaching jockeys, trainers and others in media relations and public relations skills seems to have had some effect, although the changes in some cases from taciturn unhelpfulness have bordered on the corny with over-the-top forced sincerit.
It took up that mantle after being frustrated by Iran's unhelpfulness after Zahra Kazemi, a dual national Iranian-Canadian, died after a beating Evin prison in 2003.
This Article proposes that two types of evidence--evidence that provides factual, background information about mental disorder and evidence that describes a defendant's pre-offense history of mental disorder--are both generally helpful and trustworthy, and should not be excluded absent a particularized finding of unhelpfulness or untrustworthiness.