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an inability to be helpful

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Previously I'd found the service somewhat lacking with incorrect orders being taken and general unhelpfulness.
This is worth reflecting on when we are faced with the day-to-day issues of interaction with our Alzheimer's relatives as well as when we are faced with the limitations and unhelpfulness of old patterns of thinking and responding that we have inherited.
In previous years at a time when lots of people have wanted to buy a rose to wear as a buttonhole I have often found ignorance and unhelpfulness among flower sellers.
25) If the judge believes that the issues are not sufficiently important or complex, he or she may simply refuse to admit expert testimony on grounds of unhelpfulness.
She was unimpressed by meals in the Swan, and clearly afraid we would complain about the hotel, and her unhelpfulness, if we entered the portals of The International.
She was met with delays and unhelpfulness that eventually became the subject of a further complaint to the parliamentary ombudsman.
This principle strikes me as the most convincing way to account for (1) the intuition that there must be some limits on commandeering, (2) the copyright statute's general unhelpfulness for ascertaining those limits, and (3) the legal system's deeply rooted respect for contractual freedom.
IN this day and age when all we get from media outlets is misery, hardship and unhelpfulness, I would like to share a good news story.
Mark Tompkins, as president of the Newmarket Trainers' Federation, has a file of correspondence about a foot deep that proves the intransigence and unhelpfulness of the Suffolk Traffic Authority on this subject.
Rather than being seen as concentrating on what could be delivered in practical terms, Labour's approach ran the risk of leaving the party in the camp of perceived unhelpfulness to the future of the language.
At the very least, phrase books would save the caller experiencing the kind of rudeness and unhelpfulness she encountered in her unofficial survey.
But the unhelpfulness of her fellow drivers confirms research by tyre firm Goodyear.
When the car was finally bought despite their unhelpfulness the ownership experience was so fraught that the car's subsequent replacement was sourced through an independent garage rather than the official Mercedes-Benz dealer.
IN RESPONSE to your article Cats Spat, I have also experienced rudeness and unhelpfulness when asking for help - in my case from the Cats Protection League.