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Synonyms for unheard-of

Synonyms for unheard-of

not known or not widely known by name

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previously unknown

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Fed up, she decides to go on an unheard-of holiday by herself to a Greek island, where she starts to enjoy life again - especially when she is romanced and sedued by a smooth-talking fisherman.
Jacob Jaffe, proteomics platforms assistant director at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, stated that using the combination of extremely consistent, parallelised digestion with automated reverse-phase cleanup through AssayMAP, has allowed the contemplation of collaborative studies of previously unheard-of scales and throughput.
It made up for it though by the interestingly written sarcastic baseless, unheard-of examples of why God can't exist because his son would have to visit all habitable planets to be systematically sacrificed.
Kanev, in turn, suggested that Bulgarians with democratic beliefs had been left without representation in Parliament, which was an unheard-of situation.
In Paxton, break-ins have reached an almost unheard-of level: Eight in the past two months, Paxton Detective David Keller said.
The problem was the rest of the horses were about ten lengths in front of my selections El Banditos A few unnamed members of the Racing Post staff posted an unheard-of score when cantering to victory in the Coral Golf Day at The Buckinghamshire earlier in the week.
The Schmidt-Cass was then almost unheard-of, but it fared quite well in Ronald R.
It's not unheard-of to get these temperatures in February but it doesn't happen every year.
The company is launching a trial involving 20 suppliers, which wall give them what it says is previously unheard-of access to predicted sales figures and clearer information about likely orders.
Aspokesman said: "It was not unheard-of for a smuggling trip to bring in 3,000 gallons of spirits - the equivalent of more than 13,600 1-litre bottles of spirits by today's measure.
A previously unheard-of group claimed responsibility and demanded an unspecified ransom, but it was not clear whether the kidnappings were politically motivated.
When offering a line of mild sexual innuendo, he's apt to hose the whole house, up to the cheapest seats, with unheard-of obscenities, original sins and novel naughtiness.
His comments came as Take That announced they would perform an unheard-of second successive date at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium next June.
Since 2002, subscriptions to AJN by non-ANA members have increased by 34%--an almost unheard-of feat in journal publishing these days.
It was an unheard-of practice from a company that prided itself, and sold aggressively that its seed was from proprietary lines that were available only from their organization.