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Professor Willem Bollee kindly pointed out to me that here asiva ['inauspicious'] may refer to the unhealthiness or unfreshness of milk products caused by inauspicious accidents or magic dangers such as the evil eye [email 20 January 2016]; on the former part of this rule, see also Sen 1975: 128.
The book strives to counter what the author calls an extreme epidemic of 'unhappiness, unhealthiness, and underliving.
T]he corruption, the unhealthiness in these books [is] that they end where they should begin.
It was founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown, a vegan who was as sensitive to the misery and slaughter of billions of animals for America's flesh eaters as he was to the unhealthiness of meat when substitutes are available.
Better for Twinkies to embrace its 'badness,' its unhealthiness.
In addition, the precarious supply or even lack of water and the routine of serving meals inside the cells--which attracts insects--were highlighted to exemplify the unhealthiness of the environment.
Nominalisation by type in high scoring Year 5 texts Verbal Adjectival Year level total nominalisation nominalisation action creativity (2) action argument harshness argument bullying (2) healthiness bullying (2) conclusion (3) obesity (3) conclusion (3) cost (2) safety (2) cost (2) distractions unhealthiness creativity (2) doubt distractions education (3) doubt enjoyment education (3) entertainment enjoyment exercise entertainment imagination exercise need (2) harshness pressure healthiness process imagination productions need (2) replacement obesity (3) starvation pressure waste process productions replacement safety (2) starvation unhealthiness waste Instances: 26 Instances: 10 Instances: 36 Types: 19 Types: 6 Types: 25 Average Average instances: Average instances: 3.
11) Infections caused by ESBL and/or AmpC- positive bacteria are of particular clinical and epidemiological importance and cause higher patient unhealthiness and mortality (12, 13), that Escherichia coli rank highest among Gram-negative pathogens causing significant infections worldwide, they are the reason of nearly 50% of sepsis cases, greater than 70% of urinary tract infections(UTI) and even a significant percentage of intestinal infections (9).
Orders to market for the provision of services in execution on behalf of public power, storage, cleaning, disinfection, insect and rodent control, in buildings, homes or private lanes struck by a prefectural decree of unhealthiness or remediable health emergency, occupied site or not.
This may or may not be reasonable, but to evidence the point, Riddle characterizes "health" as a capability of highest moral importance (because unhealthiness infects so many other functionings) and opportunities for sexual satisfaction as relatively morally unimportant.
If you have a good quality of life then you can prevent a lot of unhealthiness.
2] but without significant metabolic risk factors--is most often a transitive phase toward unhealthiness, and not a stable physiologic stage, a report suggested.
Agriculture was in the midst of a long recession and much of the countryside was in rural slum while the industrial towns, home of almost 80% of the population manifested a lack of amenity-high level of unhealthiness, widespread overcrowding, pollution, and above all 30% of the population lived under the 'poverty line'.
The unhealthiness of the American diet is the result of a complex mix of social, marketing, environmental, product, and individual (e.
Pollan extols the pleasures and benefits of foregoing processed food by cooking at home, and Moss excoriates the unhealthiness and manipulation of those making and marketing processed food.