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Synonyms for unhealthy

Synonyms for unhealthy

not sustaining or promoting health

utterly reprehensible in nature or behavior

susceptible to or marked by preoccupation with unwholesome matters

Synonyms for unhealthy

not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind

detrimental to health

not conducive to good health

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The report - Visions of Britain 2020 - maps out the potential impact of people eating unhealthily, exercising too little and drinking too much alcohol despite Government health campaigns.
Not only are daily studies tracking oversold at this point, but weekly studies are also unhealthily overextended and show the need for a major upside reversal and mean reversion.
A defeat, however, would S between June 22 and 28 - a huge ask for any team, never mind one short of proven big-hitters and leaning unhealthily heavily on players early in their learning curve.
I agree that the church is obsessed with virginity and celibacy, unhealthily obsessed in my view.
Stewart said today: "When I was younger, I found it hard to put on weight despite eating lots and taking protein drinks and that's fine, but no one should push themselves to that degree or feel pressure to be unnaturally or unhealthily thin.
Ivan, whose parents are clearly unhealthily awed by his intelligence and take-charge manner, decides to supervise Hilly's therapy with a local well-known psychiatrist.
The quarrel between Ted Clarke and Rex Gooch exposed me to some extremely unpleasant emails from both men, who seem unhealthily obsessive about something that should be a good-natured quest rather than a cause for such vitriol.
Hosted by The Ambiguously Gay Duo, a superhero team unhealthily obsessed with former ``SNL'' performer (and current has-been) Jimmy Fallon, ``The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse'' offers a nice compendium of Smigel's sensibility, which is a lot edgier than the show otherwise tends to be these days.
Demands for clearer labels came in the Commons last week amid cross-party concern that British diets include unhealthily high levels of salt.
In The Kid Who Couldn't Miss, he makes it clear that even if Billy was sell--absorbed and unhealthily addicted to aerial combat, it took a lot of guts to buzz around in dinky toy flying machines, trading machine-gun fire with rivals like the legendary Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, who collected the ID tags of dead adversaries.
Q: Have you noticed any changes in the entertainment industry's pressure on actresses to be unhealthily thin?
During the project, led by Jon Ericson, a professor and interim chair of the Department of Environmental Analysis, and Dean Baker, director of the College of Medicine's Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, nearly 11% of the children were found to have unhealthily high concentrations of blood lead.
Many young Japanese men eat irregularly or unhealthily and are overweight, according to a Health and Welfare Ministry survey released Thursday.
But she looks so unhealthily thin that one marvels at her continuing flawless technique.
Beyond the tax evasion, the real problem is that the Westminsterbased political parties have been fundamentally compromised by an unhealthily close relationship with the City.