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Sidney Simon, an authority on values realization, for his definition of forgiveness: "Forgiveness is freeing up and putting to better use the energy once consumed by holding grudges, harboring resentments and nursing unhealed wounds.
It is time for the international civil society to reject this travesty, recognize its responsibility, heal this unhealed wound, and put an end to the continued Nakba Process against the Palestinians and the indigenous peoples across the globe.
People often ignore what may look like a chronic spot, but you should always beware of unhealed sores because they are not necessarily trivial," says Dr Jenkins.
Addressing the gathering, Jathedar Akal Takht said, "Sikh community will, all over the world, remember the unhealed wounds of Operation Bluestar.
People with a history of severe neurological injuries other than SCI, unhealed limb or pelvic fractures, severe spasticity, significant contractures or unstable spine should not use the device.
Traumas that are unhealed can lead to complexes that define us permanently as “victims”; yet, in that complex, victim and perpetrator are two sides of the same coin.
Bloody battles in Lebanon's Chouf Mountains between Maronite and Druze forces during the war have left many unhealed wounds between the communities.
Series Two's bands may be different on ITV2's solitary good show, back "after literally months in hibernation" but the old unhealed wounds aren't.
Individual topics include examinations of the unhealed wounds of Frodo Baggins, incorporeality and transformation, Frodo's body luminality, health and ecology in the context of war; orc bodies' relationship with perversion and redemption, female bodies and femininities, a body of myth representing Sauron, Tolkien and the female bodies, the gifting economy of Middle-earth; and physicality in The Hobbit.
Then a chance discovery opens an unhealed wound and a secret.
The forehead of another skull shows an unhealed skull fracture, probably caused by a blow from a cudgel.
Although the authors do not mention it, the scars of the Jordanian-Palestinian civil war of 1970 remain unhealed.
Punishing the guilty for their mistakes has become the primary goal of our justice system, while the wounds caused by crime are often left unhealed.
Ethnic Turkish party DPS has opposed the awarding of honorary citizenship to Delov on the grounds that "the memories of the Balkan War are still alive, they affect people living today, and there are unhealed wounds".
When the lovers remember their insecurities and unhealed wounds, the reader is gifted with jarring insight into the way people shape their identities and interface with others.