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remove the harness from

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As a child, Eric Alston delivered milk on his father's horse and cart and when the milk round was over he'd unharness the horse and pop it over a few fences, on his way to an unheralded career as a jump jockey, and a struggling one as a trainer.
The cart got caught on the tracks, and I didn't have time to unharness it before the train arrived
My goal is to unharness and unleash the energy of a work.
When the rain began to subside, the officer ordered his people to unharness the horses and ride to town on horseback in order to bring ropes, boats, people, and other supplies.
Plans are in the works to unharness the economic potential of the area, said Carrie Rogers, the city's economic development manager.
Complete integration of all the elements of a tray packing line can improve throughput and productivity, reduce labour costs, cut waste and downtime, and unharness unique efficiencies.
In the future, it will be shown, new money could be created in ways that can unharness the full productive potential of society, while closing what The Wall Street Journal (September 13, 1999, p.