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Synonyms for ungulate

any of a number of mammals with hooves that are superficially similar but not necessarily closely related taxonomically

having or resembling hoofs

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Hunting for wild ungulates will continue only 4 months now(August, September, October, November).
Sexual segregation has an important implication on population dynamics, conservation and management of ungulate populations (Singh et al.
Average searching time before killing an ungulate was lower in summer (117 hours) than winter (159 hrs).
The most important ungulate species was the wild boar (piglets in the spring and summer), consumption of which greatly fluctuated among seasons and years (Fig.
The 6th World Congress on Mountain Ungulates and the 5th International Symposium on Mouflon started in Nicosia on Mondaymorning, with the participation of scientists from over 20 countries, in Nicosia.
For example, the influence of habitat type on the disappearance of ungulate pellets is somewhat conflicting.
Key words: browse, clipping, forage, GIS, range, survey, twig, ungulate, willow
We investigated the winter density and territory size of wolves (Canis lupus) on the Yukon Flats, Alaska, where moose (Alces alces) was the sole ungulate prey, occurring at a low density and representing a biomass of ungulate food lower than previously studied in North America.
This study was conducted to investigate current population distribution conservation and habitat condition of the six major ungulate species i.
Exploration of dietary adaptations in ungulate remains provide information concerning paleoecological conditions of individual species and ultimately of terrestrial paleocommunities of mammals (Kaiser et al.
Bighorn sheep were the only large ungulate in the area, so we are confident all consumed stalks were consumed by bighorn sheep.
His account of his subsequent life there covers many of the threats that the conservation park has faced, including rinderpest, a viral disease that attacks ungulate populations; the depredations of the armed poachers and bandits (Idi Amin's legacy to East Africa) who terrorised the region during the 1980s; the occasional rogue lion or leopard--'There is something sinister about man-eaters,' Sinclair observes, with commendable understatement--and the plans for a major trunk road through the northern Serengeti.
and English zoologist Grubb (1942-2006), widely recognized as the world's leading ungulate taxonomist, show relationships between species of even-toed and odd-toed mammals with hooves, leaving out some of the more dubious groups often included for technical reasons, such as elephants and whales.