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Synonyms for ungulate

any of a number of mammals with hooves that are superficially similar but not necessarily closely related taxonomically

having or resembling hoofs

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These are just a few of the many ways GMO crops sprayed with Roundup can affect white-tailed deer and other wild ungulate populations.
Ungulate availability differed slightly by location.
In Europe, the number of wildlife-vehicle accidents (WVA) with ungulates was estimated at about 500 000 per year, with 300 human fatalities and over 30 000 human injuries, along with over one billion dollars of damage (Groot Bruinderink, Hazebroek 1996).
With such modifications, double-count aerial surveys that address these issues arguably hold promise for estimating ungulate density in coniferous-deciduous forests.
Second, given these beneficial aspects of carnivores and the effectiveness of their hunting, which contribute to the maintenance of healthy ungulate populations as mentioned above, it is doubtful whether human hunters can substitute the ecological role played by large carnivores.
These opposing theories have led to some confusion regarding the mechanism underlying variation in secondary sex ratios of ungulates.
Just like birds [sensing that the time has come to fly north each spring], a few pronghorn sort of get itchy, and then one or two will take off, and then they ali start moving," says Troy Davis, a Yellowstone ungulate biologist.
Austin, TX) announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted United States Patents 7,304,204 and 7,307,198 covering methods of cloning ungulate animals, fetuses and embryos using differentiated cells.
The magnitude of declines in the former group and the direction of change in the latter group likely vary due to differences in variables such as ungulate density, duration and seasonal timing of use, and habitat type (Fleischner 1994, Saab et al.
Another shortcoming is that the book emphasizes work on ungulate species of the northern hemisphere, likely a result of the book being the product of a workshop held in Sweden in 2002, and, to be fair, that most research has been done north of the Equator.
They believe the wolf's return has restored a long-lost "ecology of fear" in the ungulate, which instinctively recognizes that it can no longer browse in the open or as casually on aspen, willow and cottonwood.
Prime tick carriers are the hoofed, or ungulate, wildlife species, which abound in southern Texas and in northern Mexico.
Locations of other ungulate species were recorded to determine if interaction occurred between these species and the bison.
The initial chapter reviews findings from definitive long-term studies of certain other ungulate populations, many based on individually identifiable animals.