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any rigid body structure composed primarily of keratin

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Station Habitats Seafloor Soil substrate (n = 3 per species) (n = 3 per species) 1 Strombus urceus Tapes dorsatus Tectus fenestratus Periglypta lacerata Anadara antiquata 2 Tectus fenestratus Trachycardium alternatum Tapes dorsatus Placuna ephippium Strombus turturella 3 Telescopium telescopium Polymesoda bengalensis Lingula unguis Katelysia japonica Station Habitats Sea grass Coralline area (n = 3 per species) (n = 3 per species) 1 Atrina vexillum Spondylus squamosus Pinna bicolor Pinna muricata 2 Pinna bicolor Spondylus albibarbatus Atrina vexillum Spondylus squamosus 3 Table 3: Shellfish toxicities at Murcielagos Bay, Philippines.
The UC-based team used the environmental relative moldiness index (ERMI), a DNA-based mold level analysis tool, to determine that exposure to Aspergillus ochraceus, Aspergillus unguis and Penicillium variabile was linked to asthma development in the high-risk study population.
sed ille,/si foret hoc nostrum fato dilatus in aevum,/detereret sibi multa, recideret omne quod ultra/perfectum traheretur, et in versu faciendo/saepe caput scaberet vivos et roderet unguis
5 length of propodi, each terminating in strong, curved corneous unguis, flexor surfaces with numerous slender corneous spinules arranged in three or four rows (Fig.
The width of the right front, medial unguis and the linear distance from the tip of the dew-claw to the tip of the medial unguis were used as measures of hoof size.
Etym XVI, 8, 3, in his list of "de rubris gemmis" where he explains how "Onyx appellata quod habeat in se permixtum candorem in similitudinem unguis humanae": the Plinian source is XXXVII, 90-91).