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worried and uneasy

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In the physical universe the sexes as male and female are divided, and therefore ungratified.
They not only cause pain when ungratified, but they are also readily available (KD 15, 30; Ep Men 130).
Wells's concentration on the mechanisms that produce melancholy from ungratified love, her insistence that furor, death, and amorality are engendered by a lack of eros, and her insights into past medical understandings of melancholic obsessions render this book a must read for scholars in a variety of disciplines beyond English and Italian, such as music, religion, classical studies, history of medicine, and philosophy.
Failure to evacuate her fluids meant that the particularly noisome fluids would spoil and/or overheat and occasion the grievous illnesses chlorosis (greensickness, typically cited as a virgin's disease and usually linked to the spoiling seed found in sexually ungratified young women); furor uterinus (womb fury, with much the same profile, as are many diseases caused by trapped and polluted seed and blood since virgins had no licit outlet for sexual activity); and a whole host of other problems of wombs that remain stationary.
But I think a more powerful pull with these things is this feeling of ungratified sexual desire.
Restricted by the form, he found himself ungratified and took on work as a sign painter and musician to make his living.
That her dying hours should be rendered more suffering for the want of this simple luxury, while the man [LeRoy] who had destroyed her, had not an ungratified wish" (270).
Still aesthetically ungratified, Dolly added three twice-lifesize green neon palm trees, two gigantic pink neon flamingoes, and a huge blue neon fountain in which sequenced flashing lights gave the appearance of falling water.
The cognitive dissonance (free association) was a hurt cause by ungratified needs, and the greater the hurt, the more prevalent the ungratified needs that are present.
Somehow Muscovites managed to get by with humor and dignity, despite ungratified material desires.
Men, on the other hand, "are rather affected by trials of a material order, such as misery, business embarrassments, losses, ungratified ambition.
That is, they permit [the poet] to leave their poetical sense ungratified, provided that he gratifies their rhetorical sense and their curiosity," (12) that is, their taste for sensation.