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in an ungrammatical manner

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The media is not a mirror of the culture," inequality advocate Phyllis Schlafly fumed, nonsensically and ungrammatically, when asked about the popularity of shows like Queer Eye.
The glory of God, and, as our only means of glorifying him, the salvation of human souls," he declared somewhat ungrammatically, "is the real business of life" (Christian Reflections 14).
Coventry's Tony Conroy, the 'Tartan Terror' from Hillfields, has a rematch with Welsh welterweight champion Keith Jones in a fight being billed, rather amusingly if somewhat ungrammatically, as 'Grudgement Day'.
Only if the existence of such a logic is accepted, Arnesen ungrammatically adds, "does the failure of white workers to recognize their common interests with blacks, their creation of a labor movement that excludes people of color, and their own acceptance o f white racial privilege require explanation.
Also, while Melissa's sentences are marked by ungrammatically (e.
In a chapter ungrammatically called "Who Journalists Work For," Kovach and Rosenstiel complain that newsroom executives' pay and allegiances are increasingly harnessed to business goals and interests.
As a matter of positive law, a blind lawyer may be entitled to a reader, without bearing the cost of hiring the reader; a lawyer who spells poorly or writes ungrammatically, unless deemed "dyslexic" is not entitled to a free spell-check program or an editor.
Later, at the end of this interview, we ask, ungrammatically, `If you were going around trying to find out more about other people your age, what do you think are the questions we should be asking?
Then there is the man who asked ungrammatically, "Do you love your wife still?
What about the large percentage of students, both foreign-born and American-born, whose vocabularies are not adequate to understand learning procedures; whose parents don't encourage them to study; whose parents don't know how to discipline them at home and therefore they are not disciplined at school; whose parents neglect them or physically or psychologically abuse them; who arrive at school hungry; who are interested only in entertainment and are not willing to do repetitive drill; who don't think they need to acquire vocabulary or learn very much because their sports and entertainment heroes talk ungrammatically and obviously don't know very much but make millions of dollars per year?
For example, past tense or plural forms may be used incorrectly (goed for went; fishes for fish), or words may be combined ungrammatically in sentences ("I'm is gonna go to there").
Showcasing his way with words, Srlan ungrammatically growled: "The first prize is working for me.
Niggers ain't my brother" is the rebuff so ungrammatically worded as to show the displacement of reason and truth by blind social restrictions.
This is so much part of the grammar that to be misleading would be the same as speaking ungrammatically in our language.
You've got the likeability," he told huge-headed Eoghan Quigg, ungrammatically.