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in an ungrammatical manner

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9) In Japanese, in particular, there appears to be a historical prejudice going back to the formation of a national language, where women are noted to use official Japanese ungrammatically, or rather in Japanese, 'impolitely', without formal grammatical forms of respect.
Since the idiom is always rendered ungrammatically, this theory holds, so the headline should be, too.
What sets Wales apart was their organisations within the team,'' he wrote, somewhat ungrammatically.
When Joan enters the stage in Shaw's play her very first words identify her as an uneducated peasant girl when she ungrammatically asks: "Be you captain?
When the American soldiers, "Hershey's advance men," liberate Isaac's concentration camp "home," the sign hanging above the gate is changed "with a hand-lettered plywood sign strung ungrammatically over its first word, to read, TANKS MAKES ONE FREE" (p.
The media is not a mirror of the culture," inequality advocate Phyllis Schlafly fumed, nonsensically and ungrammatically, when asked about the popularity of shows like Queer Eye.
The glory of God, and, as our only means of glorifying him, the salvation of human souls," he declared somewhat ungrammatically, "is the real business of life" (Christian Reflections 14).
I never fancy him on upper earth living coarsely, even, it may be, talking ungrammatically, defying Horne and Tooke and outraging Murray, among beings of a lower order of humanity; but he rises like a statue, standing silent and apart.
Coventry's Tony Conroy, the 'Tartan Terror' from Hillfields, has a rematch with Welsh welterweight champion Keith Jones in a fight being billed, rather amusingly if somewhat ungrammatically, as 'Grudgement Day'.
Only if the existence of such a logic is accepted, Arnesen ungrammatically adds, "does the failure of white workers to recognize their common interests with blacks, their creation of a labor movement that excludes people of color, and their own acceptance o f white racial privilege require explanation.
Doesn't matter if we're dumb as a box of Hamburger Helper, as uninformed as a hemorrhoid, as surfeited with jingoism and urban myth as a foot-soldier in the White Aryan Army, by gosh we're entitled to express that bone-stick-stone opinion, endlessly, at the top of our lungs, ungrammatically.
Also, while Melissa's sentences are marked by ungrammatically (e.
Once again, to construe "well-regulated" as authorizing the government to ban guns makes the Amendment read ungrammatically.
In a chapter ungrammatically called "Who Journalists Work For," Kovach and Rosenstiel complain that newsroom executives' pay and allegiances are increasingly harnessed to business goals and interests.