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The example in (13) meets Reynolds' third property of determinative heads; yet, the sentence is ungrammatical.
As I read the ungrammatical advertisements, which had obviously never gone through a spell check, the slogan "Incredible India" flashed through my mind.
Black Countryspeak is, unlike most dialects, completely ungrammatical, thus becoming an impediment to career progress.
Put next to a fearlessly ungrammatical vulgarity, a properly constructed sentence can seem pallid and indeed somewhat repellent, the sort of thing up with which we will not put.
Scantily clad in a black cocktail dress and stiletto heels, speaking ungrammatical Italian in a Milanese accent, and sporting barbed-wire tattoos on her arm and wrist, the woman whom host Daria Bignardi described as "uncle Silvio's favorite niece" (http://www.
In addition to the above idiosyncrasies, Ms Taber writes many ungrammatical phrases and sentences.
It can be something as simple as a use of an ungrammatical past tense (he scored--he done it with a banana shot') and that may be related to other writings by the person in question.
There is some very unidiomatic, and occasionally ungrammatical, English in some of the contributions, and a woefully inadequate index: Chatelet translated and wrote an introduction to Mandeville's Fable of the Bees, for example, and this is discussed in the opening essay, yet there is no index entry on Mandeville.
Ofsted pointed out that American books were full of words that are spelt differently, ungrammatical sentences and weird and complex stories.
It's OK if the interior hardware remains invisible, and ditto for the millions of lines of ungrammatical instructions in the operating system.
Grading Israel's Ungrammatical Response to Flytilla "For a country that is unbelievably oversaturated with American connections, it comes as a major surprise to see just how little Israel's government cares about grammatical conventions in the English language.
People who send me ungrammatical, abusive e-mails and letters and don't have the courage to put their names and addresses on them.
For instance, a number of these errors yield ungrammatical sentences, since they involve omission of articles (pp.
Thus, ungrammatical phrases may contain previously unseen patterns, causing incorrect results.