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Synonyms for ungraded

(of roads) not leveled or drained


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not arranged in order hierarchically

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For each single type of ungraded card, Beckett collects pricing information from about 110 card dealers throughout the country and publishes a "high" and "low" price reflecting current selling ranges for Near Mint-Mint (8) copies.
Fischel views the one-room, ungraded school as adaptive to the needs of a time when most people lived in sparsely populated areas and children attended school sporadically.
Additionally, we compared ungraded (non-field-validated) educational HSV slides prior to PT with educational slides circulated in the PAP PT since 2006 to measure the possible lack of recognition due to decreasing herpes virus prevalence.
5% of the respondents included preschool children among their students, and 50% included early intervention and ungraded special classes.
And he's yet to prove his class, winning three ungraded stakes races - the Damon Runyon, Count Fleet and Whirlaway - over Aqueduct's inner track while racing against suspect competition.
DUNDALK racecourse will stage its first ever Pattern race next October following the news that the Listed Diamond Stakes has been ungraded to Group 3 status.
The Gateway School of New York is an ungraded elementary school dedicated to helping children with learning disabilities develop the academic skills, learning strategies, social competence and self-confidence necessary to succeed.
If, for instance, loan originators had to hold onto the riskiest portions of the loans -- the ungraded portions -- investors would know the securities they were buying were good bets, he said.
66 a pound for ungraded T-bone steak, approximately equal to the retail price, although the Army was buying it by the truckload.
2 southern yellow pine along with ungraded red elm (Ulmus rubra) and white ash (Fraxinus alba).
At her side, in a somewhat tattered Notre Dame backpack, was often a stack of ungraded middle-school book reports.
The program incorporates frequent, usually ungraded and brief writing assignments throughout the curriculum.
To get the most out of this exercise, professors can distribute ungraded, blind copies to students and ask them to review the letters to determine whether an opinion should be classified as a covered opinion, other written advice or as advice not covered by Sections 10.
Overall, 38 percent of public high schools offered distance education courses, compared with 20 percent of combined or ungraded schools, (1) 4 percent of middle or junior high schools, and fewer than 1 percent of elementary schools.
We would like to think that yesterday's announcement will be swiftly followed by the Government giving the go-ahead for the Metro system to be ungraded.