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Synonyms for ungraciousness

lack of cordiality and hospitableness

Antonyms for ungraciousness

an offensive lack of good manners

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The strongest argument for the divine grace is simply its ungraciousness.
Ferrars's "annihilation" of first one and then the other of her two sons and her unchanged ungraciousness and ill-will (423), and in the narrator's cynical description of the courtship of Lucy and Robert (426-28).
A fortnight ago, the Arsenal boss plumbed new depths of ungraciousness after a 0-0 home draw with Sunderland, by telling rival manager Ricky Sbragia: "You should come here and play football.
The initial act of denigration is one of supreme ungraciousness that has no place in qur'anic ethics or, increasingly, in global ethics today.
It is not my intention to enter into a slanging match, but this gentleman should be the last to accuse me of ungraciousness.