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The young man bowed with a mortified air, and was somewhat ungraciously beginning to make a polite reply, when the door opened a short space, and the voice of Miss Osgood was once more heard, saying in a forced, but lively manner--
Mercy ungraciously limited her reply to the one necessary word "Yes.
My aunt received this proposal so very ungraciously, that he never ventured on a second; but ever afterwards confined himself to looking watchfully at her for her suggestions, and rattling his money.
By a wilfulness, which was perhaps only the continuation of her earlier methods, though she felt herself attracted toward the men who might still suit her, she was so afraid of being accused of folly that she treated them ungraciously.
Vanborough looked across the table, as ungraciously as possible, at his wife.
He accepted ungraciously, remarking that he was not used to late hours.
I didn't know him outside the official building, but he leaned forward the desk to shake hands with me, compassionately, as one would with some poor devil going out to be hanged; and I am afraid I performed my part ungraciously, in the hardened manner of an impenitent criminal.
Enfranchisement was extended to women ungraciously, in grudging spirit, in a fearful atmosphere.
But during Hughes' reign, the Potters went from "a rugby team" - as Arsene Wenger rather ungraciously called them - to being rebranded "Stokelona".
But during Hughes' reign, Stoke went from "rugby team" - asArsene Wengerrather ungraciously called them - to being rebranded Stokelona.
I had only one such harana experience, but ungraciously declined to acknowledge the suit by refusing to go to the window, all because I didn't fancy the young man pleading his suit before me.
A month on from the election, and a year on from May's entry to Downing Street, it is hard to disagree with Osborne, who she ungraciously sacked as chancellor.
ungraciously said that Sessions' confirmation 'turned my stomach.
Moreover, the poet is ungraciously attacked for not doing what this critic - writing more than three centuries later--asserts that the poet ought to have wanted to do.
Senator Charles Schumer ungraciously said that Sessions's confirmation "turned my stomach.