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He answered ungraciously in the one necessary word:--'Yes.
I have served Miss Dunross for many years," was the answer, spoken very ungraciously.
Vanborough looked across the table, as ungraciously as possible, at his wife.
Mercy ungraciously limited her reply to the one necessary word "Yes.
He accepted ungraciously, remarking that he was not used to late hours.
Like a bitterly angry croaking ran the sound through the long corridors when the leaves of the gate opened: ungraciously did this bird cry, unwillingly was it awakened.
I didn't know him outside the official building, but he leaned forward the desk to shake hands with me, compassionately, as one would with some poor devil going out to be hanged; and I am afraid I performed my part ungraciously, in the hardened manner of an impenitent criminal.
Bounderby,' returned Louisa, when she had coldly paused, and slowly walked across the room, and ungraciously raised her cheek towards him, with her face turned away.
It was left to recently arrived Newcastle manager Bill McGarry to rather ungraciously assess the defeat.
But when Dorien spoils the sombre occasion by ungraciously crawling into a carriage on all fours, it's pure comedy Gold.
Unfortunately Kermes stood out as ungraciously as Platee in this company of refined Baroque singers.
Ungraciously, Saul even tries to pin all of the responsibility for that misstep on his men and explains to Samuel: the troops spared the choicest of the sheep and oxen for sacrificing to the Lord your God, and we proscribed the rest (15:15).
One year I ungraciously criticised my wife's gift of "slouch pants" to wear in the house.
Some smaller conservative-leaning websites have, rather ungraciously, acknowledged Prouty's existence.