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The ground below my feet started to move, and I very ungracefully reversed course before stepping on a four-foot rattler.
Thought we'd retire ungracefully together and reclaim our barrel in Flans
But, as we noted earlier, Oscar voters are probably a bit gun-shy about pouring too much gold on "Django Unchained," which has been widely accused of promoting racist language and gratuitous violence, and whose director has rather ungracefully responded to the charges.
And even though the oldest members of our generation recently turned 65, we're aging so ungracefully that we pretend we're still dying to see The Who in concert, even though Roger Daltrey is now 68 and sings through his voice box.
So as Clive slithers ungracefully from his responsibilities, Martha is only to happy to swoop in and save the day.
We move, often ungracefully, from trial-and-error to mastery.
Very ungracefully, I slide out and hunker down behind the car.
Culturally we are evolving, whereas in the past it has been easy to compartmentalise information within our lives into differently appropriate social contexts, now all those walks of life have been heaped somewhat ungracefully together on our 'wall'.
If finishing sixth in the top flight seemed disappointing a season later for Keegan's Entertainers, crisis club Brighton were braced for more humiliation as they slid ungracefully into the basement division in the same season Newcastle had scaled the heights of the Premier League and been pipped to the title by Manchester United in 1995/96.
GOSH, I hope I've still got the ability to produce some spittle when the time finally comes for me to retire ungracefully from my job.
Staggering ungracefully off the pole after less than three seconds, the veins in my temples throbbed as blood gushed into my head.
We, for example, don't like to waddle out of a restaurant feeling overfed or, in the alternative, to exit ungracefully schlepping containers of leftovers.
But, as my mother has always told me, it's rude to turn down invitations and if I was ever going to 'have a go' at ice hockey, then slipping ungracefully onto the rink in an idyllic Alpine village in the midst of a snowy winter wonderland is surely the place to take the slide.
Palmer's aggressive game and strange form--often hitting the ball so hard his follow-through knocked him off-balance--made him the sport's fan favorite, since so many duffers found themselves swinging just as ungracefully.