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Synonyms for ungoverned

Synonyms for ungoverned

not restrained or controlled

lacking in discipline or control

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The real challenges in AfghaAnistan, the committee obserAved, are 'political infighting, massive corruption, phenomenal growth of drug production and expansion of ungoverned spaces inside Afghanistan full of sanctuaries for multiple international terrorist organizations', which posed a serious and direct threat to Afghanistan, its neighbours and the entire region.
First, it is the increasing ungoverned spaces that stretches from West Africa through the Middle East and Central Asia which will be exploited by the Islamic extremists," said Gen Petraeus.
Using eight case studies that covered the range of ungoverned territories in four continents (including both Muslim and non-Muslim regions), the study identified four of the cases that corresponded to areas previously cited as terrorist sanctuaries in the 9/11 Commission Report issued by the US government.
Mr Vaz added: "The companies' failure to tackle this threat has left some parts of the internet ungoverned, unregulated and lawless.
This will lead to the growth of ungoverned spaces, a breakdown of global norms and institutions, and an inability to tackle transnational threats" like terrorism and climate change.
Toner said Kerry did consider the rapid growth of groups like Daesh, particularly in ungoverned spaces, an existential threat.
Ungoverned because Gaddafi had been deposed by Cameron's airstrikes, leading to a power vacuum and civil war.
Since 2010, Yemen has been on a slippery slope towards becoming an ungoverned or semi-governed territory, an experience shared by many others at different times in their history.
UNGOVERNED SPACES, STRICTLY DEFINED AS SPACES NOT EFFECTIVELY GOVERNED by the state, exist all over the world, presenting particular difficulties to public international law that is historically premised on sovereignty and state control.
Washington says it will use the drone base in the desert city of Agadez to track insurgents, arms traffickers and drug smugglers based in ungoverned areas throughout the region.
John Carlin, the assistant attorney general for national security at the Justice Department, said that the number of such fighters within the outfit is unprecedented, more than the ungoverned spaces in Pakistan and Afghanistan and it poses a serious threat because a significant percentage of these people are American passport-holders.
So the right answer is to be long term, hard-headed, patient and intelligent with the interventions that we make, and the most important intervention of all is to make sure that these governments are fully representative of the people who live in their countries, that they close down the ungoverned space, and they remove the support for the extremists.
Although the West Jerusalem municipality tried to assure Palestinian residents who will be isolated by the Wall, telling them they will not lose their Jerusalem IDs or their rights, legal and political observers say the Jerusalemites will lose all their rights and citizenships, thus becoming an ungoverned entity.
Among his topics are literature, experience, and ethics; the ungoverned tongue in Seamus Heaney; Foucault's turn from literature; language, culture, and confusion in Brian Friel; Foucault's concept of experience; James Joyce remaking experience; the experimental subjects of Swift and Beckett; and ethics and fiction.
Does Al Qaeda still need Afghan territory from which to operate, or has it found substitutes in northwest Pakistan, Yemen, or even amid ungoverned regions and urban centers worldwide?