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Synonyms for ungodly

Synonyms for ungodly

characterized by iniquity

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It is hard to disagree with his remark about current music but I think that he could consider some words by that other great songwriter, Bob Dylan, who says "don't put your faith in ungodly man".
But he can still wreak ungodly havoc in the kitchen.
Fortunately we lost the bidding war and another station lay claim to it for what ungodly reason I do not know.
Gays choose their ungodly sexual inclination which is unnatural in regards to the biological reproduction process.
Watching Roma suffer day after day was simply immoral and ungodly, Zed argued.
They do not care that our freedom of speech is being taken away from us; they do not care that our children are being taught ungodly and un-Biblical ideas.
Psalm 111,10 LIfE is short - but it's long enough to make it abundantly clear that our ungodly ways won't do.
The answer to this ungodly mess is firstly to get rid of Brown and all he stands for.
Our communities must also make manifest God's new reign as lived by Jesus: extended to all, regardless of the labels the world has imposed--outcast, enemy, unclean, ungodly.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- Author Arnold Fultz announces the nationwide release of his newest book, "Fixing the Ungodly Mess.
When Warren Buffett announced his multi-billion dollar bequest to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation during the summer of 2006, he explained his generous if unconventional, act of charity by claiming that "if your goal is to return the money to society by attacking truly major problems that don't have a commensurate funding base--what could you find that's better than turning to a couple of people who are young, who are ungodly bright.
Sweet Bradley uses his winnings to buy Dot a new cooker, car and, hilariously, an MP3 player, but how will she react when she finds out the money has come from his ungodly gambling?
If you are "swimming" in an ungodly manner, you aren't sinning against God or separate from God.
Even pro-animal activists would be shocked and call for justice on perpetrators of such ungodly act.
They apply such theories as Smelser's on collective behavior and Weber's on political sociology to analyze fringe groups' use of cyberspace to convince and recruit, the parallels in behavior of private armies in the US and Colombia, the use of the godly to create the ungodly in terrorist groups, and the multitudes of influential elements that work upon perceptions of such atrocities as the Abu Gharaib prison scandal.