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Synonyms for ungodly

Synonyms for ungodly

characterized by iniquity

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We thought a bolt had fallen in the middle of us; and Joseph swung on to his knees, beseeching the Lord to remember the patriarchs Noah and Lot, and, as in former times, spare the righteous, though he smote the ungodly.
Hair does not grow upon the American women's heads; it is made for them by cunning workmen in the shops, and is curled and frizzled into scandalous and ungodly forms.
He turned us out most unnecessarily at an ungodly hour, but it was nearly eleven in the morn ing before he brought me up a cable's length from Hermann's ship.
Is that religion which is less scrupulous, less generous, less just, less considerate for man, than even my own ungodly, worldly, blinded nature?
Great triumph and rejoycing was in Heav'n When such was heard declar'd the Almightie's will; Glorie they sung to the most High, good will To future men, and in thir dwellings peace: Glorie to him whose just avenging ire Had driven out th' ungodly from his sight And th' habitations of the just; to him Glorie and praise, whose wisdom had ordain'd Good out of evil to create, in stead Of Spirits maligne a better Race to bring Into thir vacant room, and thence diffuse His good to Worlds and Ages infinite.
The virtues of ungodly metropolitan lifestyles are expressed in opposition to those of Christian small towns, and pharmaceutical medicine that's presented as a barrier to female emancipation.
8DA They are nothing more than ungodly, uncaring, callous, cowardly, murderous monsters who, by their actions, have turned their backs on and insulted their god, prophet and religion - as do those who support them.
I mean, I don't often have a whole lot of choice in the matter given we've usually ended up with at least one extra body in our bed, arriving at ungodly o'clock to kick me in the head for an hour before finally going back to sleep horizontally across the bed with their fingers in my ears, or their (pyjama-clad, thankfully) bottoms directly under my nostrils.
Her impressive feat, meanwhile, is not the first time she partook in eating such an ungodly amount of food, as the professional eating machine also documented herself downing 150 McDonald's Chicken Nuggets and finishing off a massive bowl of ramen noodles.
But I loved the story he wrote about an intruder ringing church bells at an ungodly hour - and his headline: "What the bell is going on?
The story is an ungodly mash of dull cliches, polished to a high gloss by special effects.
Ungodly: The Goddess War concludes a series that began in 2013 with Antigoddess, and while this reviewer hasn't seen the others; Ungodly stands well on its own as well as the conclusion to the story of Greek gods and goddesses in the 21st century.
Just two weeks after school starts, Israelis are faced with yet another ungodly challenge: the Tishrei Holidays.
REVIEW There might only be two of them but Death From Above 1979 still make an ungodly racket.
When Ali Bader's The Ungodly Woman is published by Dar Noon, it will already have been an incipient film project, a part of theIraqi arts exhibition at theVenice Biennale, and a French play, produced by a feminist organization in Belgium: