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Synonyms for unglazed

not furnished with glass


not having a shiny coating


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5 mm thickness; the 12 x 240 cm unglazed products in matt and polished, 12.
40 Six panel knotty pine |internal unglazed door, (1981mm height and 762mm width), B&Q, PS38 or two for PS65 SAVE: PS8 Duck egg casa stripe |curtains (46x54ins), BHS were PS50, Now PS24.
Concentrating solar collectors are used in solar power plants such as solar parabolic trough and solar towers, and non-concentrating solar collectors are used in small-scale applications such as flat plate, evacuated tube, unglazed water collector, and air collector.
Elland-based Waxman, which has worked with a long list of well known brands, supplied a mixture of grey, white and black unglazed tiles to create a geometric floor feature for Dishoom's popular restaurant in Covent Garden.
The glazes are brushed or poured, thin and thick, and some passages of unglazed clay remain, mostly near the bottom.
Unfortunately, though, the unglazed, cream-coloured earthenware planter was badly damaged with a star crack and a chipped base, so although it was Wedgwood, I put a low estimate on it of PS40-50.
Terracotta and other unglazed ceramic pots will disintegrate over wet winters.
1 smoked, unglazed, spiral-sliced bone-in ham (10 to 12 pounds)
Parian wares were slip-cast then usually left uncoloured and unglazed, as the paste had a smooth, dense surface with its own natural sheen, although Parian could be both tinted and glazed if required.
Brazilian construction exports to Lebanon consist of nails, tacks, drawing pins and similar articles, glazed and unglazed ceramic flags and paving, hearth tiles, as well as other works of plastics, appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks and vats.
Gains will also come from increasing use of the product in nonresidential structures, where unglazed porcelain tile finds use in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as shopping malls, office buildings, and health care and educational facilities.
At the same time, it was observed that interesting colour and soot effects were obtained in glazed and unglazed ceramic pieces placed in the kiln.
The archaeologists have uncovered several pieces of glazed and unglazed earthenware decorated with low relief designs as well as stucco carved in geometric, natural, human, animal and mythological motifs.