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Synonyms for unglazed

not furnished with glass


not having a shiny coating


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Lead author Davide Tanasi from the University Of South Florida in Tampa, US conducted chemical analysis of residue on unglazed pottery found at the Copper Age site of Monte Kronio in Agrigento, located off the southwest coast of Sicily.
According to the study, ancient residues can be found both on the surface and "absorbed into the porous fabric of an unglazed cooking vessel" such as this one.
Revilla said upon the completion of his 2nd stage implant surgery, post-operation check-up, implant impression, trial implant coping, trial unglazed, and permanent installation, he is advised to return for the 'routine dental check-up and restoration of cavities.
Lawyer Amanda Telfer, 43, was walking past a building site when a stack of large, unglazed frames collapsed on her.
Heat exchange effectiveness of unglazed transpired-plate solar collector in 2D flow, in Proceedings of the ISES World Congress, 1993, Budapest, Hungary, 351-366.
It features unglazed unicolours in matt and polished varieties.
Look for the beauty in a little rust, weathered wood or unglazed pottery.
40 Six panel knotty pine |internal unglazed door, (1981mm height and 762mm width), B&Q, PS38 or two for PS65 SAVE: PS8 Duck egg casa stripe |curtains (46x54ins), BHS were PS50, Now PS24.
The glazes are brushed or poured, thin and thick, and some passages of unglazed clay remain, mostly near the bottom.
Unfortunately, though, the unglazed, cream-coloured earthenware planter was badly damaged with a star crack and a chipped base, so although it was Wedgwood, I put a low estimate on it of PS40-50.
Terracotta and other unglazed ceramic pots will disintegrate over wet winters.
1 smoked, unglazed, spiral-sliced bone-in ham (10 to 12 pounds)