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not challenging

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Is there a symbiotic relationship between the "laddish" celebration of boozing in Irish literature and the abuse of alcohol in contemporary Ireland that you were trying to dissolve by your refusal to depict Eva's drinking as anything other than the unglamourous self-destructiveness of a troubled woman?
It also said the fictional characters of Uri and Gorb were not celebrities and led a "distinctly unglamourous lifestyle".
Generally they take a picture of you at some unglamourous moment.
Instead, of course, the late penalty meant a UEFA Cup place instead and a relatively unglamourous meeting with Czech side Teplice.
It might have an unglamourous badge but the VX packs huge punch for the pounds.
There is a huge portion of winemaking that is unglamourous and time consuming," she said.
In spite of its postmodern chic, anti-essentialism can be a recipe for unglamourous anxiety, but Dollimore argues that Wilde's "critique of the depth model is accompanied not by Angst but something utterly different and reminiscent of Barthes's jouissance, or what Borges has perceptively called Wilde's 'negligent glee .
Although he held an unglamourous job, Stallkamp's responsibilities were crucial, as he was key in purchasing billions of dollars of automotive parts and equipment from independent suppliers.
In fact, the members of the Commonwealth Division Provost Company and their fellow military gendarmerie spent a great deal of their time around the sharp end, performing duties which were often unpopular, always unglamourous and rarely appreciated.
This somewhat unglamourous task must have the constant attention of supervising individuals to insure that data is properly collected and stored, often by individuals who may not appreciate its later relevance and use (medical practice office clerks, computer database programmers, or other individuals without clinical or management backgrounds).
The judge's life, and this fine book, suggest two findings: first, that if our system is to work well, it demands the contributions of people who, like Learned Hand, work hard, are fair minded, and excel at what they do, and second, that the rest of us owe a debt of appreciation to such people for their contributions, no matter how unglamourous.
Unglamourous but essential work extended sewers and strengthened health services.
According to Russian state media, Snowden had spent the night in the distinctly unglamourous "capsule hotel" Vozdushny Express located inside the departures area of Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.
I'm like a feral animal and having the unglamourous hair and make-up certainly helped me do that.