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not challenging

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It's not that we don't have those perfect moments too, but a lot of parenting is unglamorous so we don't get a full spectrum of what it's really like.
There could hardly be a greater contrast than that between a top-of-the-table clash with their perennial championship arch-rivals and a distinctly unglamorous trip to Bloomfield Road.
The Baywatch star posted this pic on her Facebook page, in what appears to be an uncharacteristically unglamorous setting, with the caption: "Warming up backstage.
Could it be that Ms Klass, pregnant and engaged to her unglamorous bodyguard, fears we'll forget her?
Oh, and there's also the curling, which is a lot less exciting quite frankly, but everyone bangs on about since it's the most unglamorous sport and therefore the only one the Brits will ever be much cop in.
But her unglamorous wardrobe and unkempt locks - which have earned her the nickname "the hairy angel" - may soon be a thing of the past.
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, creators of the original ``Office,'' have found another unglamorous lot to brilliantly skewer in HBO's ``Extras.
Unglamorous as it is, logistics is often put to the bottom of the priority list but it seems that the discipline is at last being paid the right level of attention.
I now work in aged care and am appalled that yet another area of health, an unglamorous area, is subject to the same monetary and prejudicial restraints.
What really saves Last Night is her inclusion of many unglamorous elements.
The building works as both metaphor and literal object, deliberately unglamorous, yet capable of delivering more than one architectural proposition--for example the delightful communal theatre space.
And it aims to help those afflicted with unglamorous nails from either genetics, smoking or nail biting.
The reaction of both the players and the fans will be interesting as will the size of the crowd to see a game against, in theory, unglamorous opposition.
Previously located in a deceptively unglamorous strip mall, the shop just moved into an expanded, new indoor/outdoor space next to the Phillippi Mansion off the South Trail.
Dizzee excels in rhyming about the dark and unglamorous side of life and standout tunes such as Get By, I Luv U and Jezabel focus on poverty, deprivation and struggle.