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Synonyms for ungentlemanly

not befitting a gentleman

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What pleasure you boys can find in such ungentlemanly things, I don't see," said Fanny, who was evidently out of sorts.
Tom Brown was one of these; and as it is our well-weighed intention to give a full, true, and correct account of Tom's only single combat with a school-fellow in the manner of our old friend Bell's Life, let those young persons whose stomachs are not strong, or who think a good set- to with the weapons which God has given us all an uncivilized, unchristian, or ungentlemanly affair, just skip this chapter at once, for it won't be to their taste.
Leaving the favoured, and well-received, and flattered of the world; him of the world most worldly, who never compromised himself by an ungentlemanly action, and never was guilty of a manly one; to lie smilingly asleep--for even sleep, working but little change in his dissembling face, became with him a piece of cold, conventional hypocrisy--we follow in the steps of two slow travellers on foot, making towards Chigwell.
Then Mr Tite Barnacle could not but feel that there was a person in company, who would have disturbed his life-long sitting to Sir Thomas Lawrence in full official character, if such disturbance had been possible: while Barnacle junior did, with indignation, communicate to two vapid gentlemen, his relatives, that there was a feller here, look here, who had come to our Department without an appointment and said he wanted to know, you know; and that, look here, if he was to break out now, as he might you know (for you never could tell what an ungentlemanly Radical of that sort would be up to next), and was to say, look here, that he wanted to know this moment, you know, that would be jolly; wouldn't it?
Winkle, who had had time to deliberate upon his answer, 'because, Sir, you described an intoxicated and ungentlemanly person as wearing a coat which I have the honour, not only to wear but to have invented--the proposed uniform, Sir, of the Pickwick Club in London.
Damme, what do you mean by such ungentlemanly language as plunder, eh?
And it was so ungentlemanly in an honourable house, Mr.
Captain, and what an ungentlemanly visitor in an honourable house.
Up until then, it was seen as ungentlemanly to bomb citizens but after the absolute devastation of the city, attitudes changed.
Mel Keenan, vice-chairman of the 160-year-old club, said: "This discussion became quite animated and led to, perhaps you might say, ungentlemanly discussions at times.
This leads to lots of frustration for following drivers who vent their anger at me by sounding their horns and making rather ungentlemanly gestures.
It shouldn't go on and it is ungentlemanly but we need him for the next few games.
Old stagers trumpet that it's ungentlemanly, not cricket, to attach electrodes to genitals.
Another puzzle is this: how could Referee Peers send anyone off the field of play for ungentlemanly conduct when all were ladies?
The high stakes raised by the First World War forced navy commanders to put aside their qualms about the ungentlemanly nature of stealth attacks on shipping.