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Synonyms for ungentlemanly

not befitting a gentleman

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Captain, and what an ungentlemanly visitor in an honourable house.
The wives and daughters of these incomparably great and wise magi,'" continued Scheherazade, without being in any manner disturbed by these frequent and most ungentlemanly interruptions on the part of her husband -- "'the wives and daughters of these eminent conjurers are every thing that is accomplished and refined; and would be every thing that is interesting and beautiful, but for an unhappy fatality that besets them, and from which not even the miraculous powers of their husbands and fathers has, hitherto, been adequate to save.
Winkle, who had had time to deliberate upon his answer, 'because, Sir, you described an intoxicated and ungentlemanly person as wearing a coat which I have the honour, not only to wear but to have invented--the proposed uniform, Sir, of the Pickwick Club in London.
The world had thrown up a new type of gentleman altogether--a gentleman of most ungentlemanly energy, a gentleman in dusty oilskins and motor goggles and a wonderful cap, a stink-making gentleman, a swift, high-class badger, who fled perpetually along high roads from the dust and stink he perpetually made.
SIR--Although you have forfeited by your ungentlemanly conduct toward myself, and your heartlessly mischievous reception of my dear wife, all claim upon the forbearance of the most forbearing of your relatives, I am disposed, from motives of regard for the tranquillity of Mrs.
What pleasure you boys can find in such ungentlemanly things, I don't see," said Fanny, who was evidently out of sorts.
Tom Brown was one of these; and as it is our well-weighed intention to give a full, true, and correct account of Tom's only single combat with a school-fellow in the manner of our old friend Bell's Life, let those young persons whose stomachs are not strong, or who think a good set- to with the weapons which God has given us all an uncivilized, unchristian, or ungentlemanly affair, just skip this chapter at once, for it won't be to their taste.
It is unfortunate that even after he has assumed what should be a responsible position, he has elected to continue his combative, ungentlemanly, and irresponsible behavior,' he said in a statement.
Edinburgh need a new pits phone now and I've been fined for ungentlemanly conduct.
Russians are interested to show they are a superpower to guarantee their share in political future of Syria and, of course, there has been a kind of show off and ungentlemanly [attitude] in this field", he said.
It is ungentlemanly, it is not what we do in this industry.
To borrow Stephen Fry's ungentlemanly phrase from the Baftas, she looks like a bag lady.
Up until then, it was seen as ungentlemanly to bomb citizens but after the absolute devastation of the city, attitudes changed.
Mel Keenan, vice-chairman of the 160-year-old club, said: "This discussion became quite animated and led to, perhaps you might say, ungentlemanly discussions at times.
This leads to lots of frustration for following drivers who vent their anger at me by sounding their horns and making rather ungentlemanly gestures.