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not of the nobility

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As it is, we make both ungentle, the one envying, the other despising, his brother; and the mass of society is made up of morbid thinkers and miserable workers.
can be ungentle and thus unmanly; and, in the future described at the
Intertwining near-apocalyptic landscapes with language both hopeful and sparing, Lerman's ungentle, raw lines present compelling intellectual and emotional challenges.
Rather than dismissing or minimizing the wildly varied entertainments that gripped those mixed crowds of gentle and ungentle folk, these authors pay attention to what the audiences responded to, and why, in spite of a tightly controlled artistic environment.
Not an argument that is easy to defend in any rational way, but one that will strike a chord with a good few people who have been at the wrong end of a thug's fist or whose home has endured the ungentle attention of a burglar's jemmy.
Feminists were portrayed as aggressive and ungentle and were said to be women who "didn't care" about being women or their femininity.
She has triumphed against adversity and battled ungentle manly comments" Sir Terry Wogan presenting the Oldie magazine pin-up of the year award to Professor Mary Beard "I don't wish to upset Stephen Fry, as he can be a sensitive flower, but we do have to get a bit more professional.
Speak, gentle niece, what stern ungentle hands Have lopped and hewed and made thy body bare Of her two branches, those sweet ornaments, Whose circling shadows kings have sought to sleep in, And might not gain so great a happiness As have thy love.
In his daily life, by all accounts, Glen Campbell could be ungentle and mindless.
This is an ungentle process that essentially damages the surrounding fiberglass and requires subsequent structure and cosmetic repair.
Dickinson, 'The Ungentle Shepherds', Journal of the Nelson Historical Society 3, no.
In recent years a number of historically minded critics have construed portions of James Hogg's The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner as a loosely allegorical expression of the author's uneasy and ungentle relationship with the print culture of Romantic-era Edinburgh, and especially with Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.
Neil McLynn thus acerbically notes that "there is no evidence that the bishop's disquisitions upon [the contrast between the "unbelieving, ungentle and sacrilegious woman of the synagogue" and the "spotless virgin of the church"] were complicated by actual contact with or even consciousness of the local Jewish community.
As Anglo notes, "events had a way of treating the prognostications of these political plays with ungentle irony" (234).
Are her ungentle articles from the beginning of her career rendered less useful because of her own ideological fixation?