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having gears not engaged or disconnected


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Ungeared property will be around the same in the region of 8% per annum".
They were also aware that a 300 hp scaled-up, ungeared version of the Hispano-Suiza engine was on the drawing board.
4 million was also good and left the group ungeared with no debt.
In principle, different properties of fibers and fillers can be combined to meet simultaneously a property requirement, for example stiffness, or to satisfy ungeared requirements.
In line with the wider market, the Company's property portfolio witnessed strong performance with an ungeared return of 16.
Cash flow generation remains robust, which, together with our solid, ungeared balance sheet, enables us to execute our growth projects in Southern Africa and the United States.
The debt facility, combined with the Property Income Fund s innovative structure, allows investments to be made on a geared or ungeared basis.
Its ungeared high-speed motor allows turbo impellers to be mounted directly to the motor shaft.
The model is ungeared, assuming 100% equity funding, and does not include any price or cost escalation.
But he confirmed the deal would be a large one for Business Post, require the ungeared company to take on debt and involve a Midlands-based company with a national coverage of 'complementary' services to the business parcel, courier and fledgling mail services offered by his company.
Cash flow generation remains strong, maintaining our ungeared position and providing us with a solid platform from which to fund various growth opportunities.
The Fund is projected to deliver an initial return of approximately 7%, and is completely ungeared which compares favourably to its peers in the South African listed property sector.
Then you adjust these beta values to allow for the firm's level of gearing by ungearing the published beta and then regearing this ungeared beta using the company's own gearing ratio.