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offensively discourteous

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I have been writing with a vile old pen the whole week, which is excessively ungallant.
politicalhackuk: Tremendously ungallant statement from John Hemming although he does ask for his wife to be excused jail.
Ungallant although it may be to say it, the Bulgarian capital is not comparable to Prague or Budapest, both compulsory attractions on the eastern Europe Grand Tour.
Steve Donahue, defending, said he knew his behaviour had been ungallant He'd had too much to drink and thought the victim had slapped his girlfriend.
Later efforts included Cosima La Sublime by the late French women's magazine editor Francoise Giroud, better known, ungallant critics maintained, for sporting Resistance medals well in excess of those which her actual Resistance record justified than for any feats of academic investigation.
The first occurred the second morning when a pretty 6-pointer approached my doe decoy, circled it twice and then, in an ungallant show of male testosterone, jammed her in the side, knocking her ass over teakettle.
Forgetting about his plighted troth to Drusilla is ungrateful and ungallant, but it may be appropriate to his new position, as Dioclesian protests: "I must not pitie ye; / 'Tis not wise in me .
Even Ben, 35, began to realise that their relationship was a big turn-off for audiences, but he says it would be ungallant to blame his Gigli co-star for his career nosedive.
Calypso on the other hand is clearly very much affected by Odysseus' having to go, and has some excuse for displeasure because Odysseus has been a rather ungallant and cold lover to her; in fact, Odysseus seems to have enjoyed himself more with Circe, for he has to be badgered by his men to leave her, whereas with Calypso he seems to spend his time in sadness (Bradford 1963:190, 193).
Not my old colleague Steve Curry, who bravely weighed in with the rather bizarre and pretty ungallant observation, "it is an insult to the controlled commentaries of John Motson, Mike Ingham and Alan Green that their domain is threatened by a new arrival whose excited voice sounds like a fire siren".
But perhaps it's a little ungallant for a man to complain about his ``Curse'' costume when obviously the women must have been really uncomfortable in their getups.
The author of the scurrilous poems has acted in an ungallant fashion by dealing "gravi colpi di mortal ferute" [blows that meant her death] to Veronica, an unarmed woman (160-61).
I assumed he was joking, rather than just terribly ungallant.
Then Richard started talking about how ungallant I had been for talking about my affair with Kirsty Gallacher.