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the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are extremely ungainly and inelegant


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ungainliness of the domestic political field of the republic, by the fact that the president does not have a normal team, and finally, by his
It is this very scale and ungainliness that has made Federal Anti-Monopoly Service chief Igor Artemyev this week call Gazprom "a highly-inefficient company that has enough money and must simply bring its house in order.
Greta Gerwig plays Violet Wister, a prim and principled student at a fictional East Coast college called Seven Oaks who, along with a cadre of equally prim (the uncharitable would say "priggish") young coeds, attempts to cure the student body of its melancholy, social ungainliness, and lack of hygiene through a suicide prevention center that offers, by way of counseling, scented soaps and dance.
Another argument against allen-compassing life stories is the ungainliness of such a device.
Here I dispute these criticisms in part on the grounds that they are put in a new truer light that is more favorable to Naked, when this is considered an instance of Moretti's "modern epic" Regarding sometimes imputed ungainliness of the Time Machine segments, critics have overlooked the function of the Time Machine segments--not as a plot element in a well-structured novelistic narrative, but as a kind of post-Crash extension of the 1910-1930 sociological and linguistic profile of the U.
This surprising lack of representation within the brand strategy may be a reflection of the ungainliness of the region's size, which, as we have noted, is one of the largest in Australia and varies in terms of soil type, altitude and indeed modes of life of residents.
They manage to combine elegance in flight with ungainliness when landing and perching, and when hunt-t ing stillness with the speed of a cobra when striking at prey.
Despite the ungainliness of his equipment - large-format cameras are old-fashioned, heavy, awkward beasts that are almost invariably used on tripods - Anchell's photographs are fluid and spontaneous, giving them the informal look of work shot with a 35 mm or digital camera.
More important, as we shall see below, their political and rhetorical posturing was immediately evident to Tolstoy himself, who was struck not only by the Vekhovtsy's ungainliness and disjointedness, but by their bad faith, by their inconsistency, and, above all, by their secret attachment to the existing social and political order.
Myron Waldman an animation cartoonist by trade the most commercial and most successful of the crew (he created Betty Boop's sidekick dog and received an Oscar nomination for the charming Hunky and Spunky series) has his protagonist actually find a sweetheart but her personal ungainliness her office job and her fantasies of a Hollywood star reveal another side of modern American life in a modestly cheerful fatalism in Eve (1943).
In one column, Orwell describes the scene upon arrival in Colombo, the capital of what is today Sri Lanka, on his way to Burma: An Asian worker clumsily unloads the ship passengers' luggage, and a British policeman, disapproving of the laborer's ungainliness, serves him a swift kick to the bottom and sends him sprawling; the white onlookers nod in approval.
But this genetic ungainliness has also made it difficult for genetic engineering workhorses, such as the bacterium E.
and ungainliness of the poem disqualifies it for any such easily
However, the reason for this apparent ungainliness is revealed once you get inside.
There is the verbatim reproduction of commentary on Heine in his lifetime, Heinrich Heines Werk im Urteil seiner Zeitgenossen (Hamburg: Hoffmann und Campe, 1981-2005), a project I have regarded from the outset with scepticism because of its ungainliness and expense and which has recently been completed, after a quarter of a century, by a series of editors in twelve bulky volumes.