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the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are extremely ungainly and inelegant


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They manage to combine elegance in flight with ungainliness when landing and perching, and when hunt-t ing stillness with the speed of a cobra when striking at prey.
Despite the ungainliness of his equipment - large-format cameras are old-fashioned, heavy, awkward beasts that are almost invariably used on tripods - Anchell's photographs are fluid and spontaneous, giving them the informal look of work shot with a 35 mm or digital camera.
The new work both hovers at ungainliness and aims at the cryptic confessional.
In one column, Orwell describes the scene upon arrival in Colombo, the capital of what is today Sri Lanka, on his way to Burma: An Asian worker clumsily unloads the ship passengers' luggage, and a British policeman, disapproving of the laborer's ungainliness, serves him a swift kick to the bottom and sends him sprawling; the white onlookers nod in approval.
But this genetic ungainliness has also made it difficult for genetic engineering workhorses, such as the bacterium E.
and ungainliness of the poem disqualifies it for any such easily
However, the reason for this apparent ungainliness is revealed once you get inside.
But to accede too readily to an uplifting doctrinal (albeit somewhat pagan) reading is to miss the nearcomic ungainliness of the figures, the odd invocation of "wealth," the staging of the narrator as a spectral presence, and the elision of human society that makes the whole cycle available only to one enjoying the "bliss of solitude" (16).
The ungainliness of his paintings was part of the point, which was to represent rural subjects to themselves in ways that employed pictorial conventions familiar to them while subverting those of the salon.
The nude study for his famous bronze of a pubescent dancer is related (in her skinny, pre-sexual and straining-thighed, long-footed concentration on her task) to his general perception of the offstage ungainliness of the onstage Giselle or Coppelia.
But a bigger factor than her perceived ungainliness threatens her challenge for today's Coronation Stakes at Ascot: the menacing presence of Red Bloom.