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Antonyms for unfurrowed

not marked with shallow depressions or furrows

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Most species of Pagetides have unfurrowed or weakly furrowed pleural fields and a higher number of segments in the pygidium than in the pygidium at hand.
In spite of Mr Brocklebank's rheumy eyesight, did he sense a brief shadow of alarm suddenly pass over the good councillor's unfurrowed features?
We were married three years later and thought the world would continue as an endless round of parties, good times, sports cars and unfurrowed brows.
They showed "just a smooth, unfurrowed area where the large building once stood".
BOTH share an unfurrowed brow, a steely determination to see their offspring triumph and look uncannily as if they stepped out of the same laundry press.
Despite its grim implications, the existence of the Tristero postal system would be more comforting to Oedipa than the absence of any system whatsoever: "For there either was some Tristero beyond the appearance of the legacy America, or there was just America, and if there was just America then it seemed the only way she could continue, and manage to be at all relevant to it, was as an alien, unfurrowed, assumed full circle into some paranoia.
But put the supercool Italian at the mercy of a novice race driver with a couple of karting days to his name and beads of sweat start to appear above his normally unfurrowed brow.
However, his unfurrowed brow and unlined face are possibly not only due to leaving British politics.
Just thinking of her schedule draws sweat to the unfurrowed brow.
So good that I rather wondered if the strangely unfurrowed royal brow might just have felt a discreet prick of the Botox needle.
As for the Chelsea spy, he could dash over to join the celebrations at the Reebok, brow unfurrowed
In younger days your brow would be unfurrowed by what the postie presented.