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There's a market for gratuitous, unfunny nastiness these days.
Marlon Wayans', left, spooky spoof is scarily unfunny
Of course, it doesn't really matter whether or not it's funny because this series, along with the previous, accompanied by the equally unfunny Satellite City, is destined to run for all eternity on BBC Wales' digital station.
After penning one unfunny scene full of inanity and schoolboy "smutterings," the writers probably drank a shot of something mind numbing before moving on to the next ridiculous sequence.
Scoop'' represents a return to form for Woody Allen, which is bad news for anyone who saw the grimly unfunny movies -- ``Anything Else,'' ``Hollywood Ending,'' ``Curse of the Jade Scorpion'' -- Allen made before winning back some measure of respect last year with ``Match Point,'' itself a knockoff of his superior ``Husbands and Wives.
Going by the rather unfunny name, "The Human Comedy: Cultural and Neurobiological Perspectives on Humor," the freshman course combines neuroscience and humor in an effort to study how humor and laughter positively impact health.
Generations of schoolchildren have found Shakespeare distinctly unfunny.
Just when was despairing of Graham Norton being thoroughly unfunny, along comes the You Are What You Eat presenter in a shiny gold lame, puffy ballgown that even Lily Savage would have found OTT.
As if having one completely unfunny middle-aged contestant with ridiculous hair wasn't enough, the show's producers have added another in David Seaman.
From the attention-seeking accountant to the achingly unfunny "comedian", Westenders is particularly excruciating for its attempts to portray the West End of Newcastle as a hotbed of controversy - and I say that as someone who has spent the best part of the last 30 years living there.
Mike Bullard, the overrated, definitely unfunny host of the Toronto TV show Open Mike with Mike Bullard (yes, the same show that Carolyn Parrish, MP, made use of to communicate to the country her derogatory remarks about Americans) was well within Canadian standards to ridicule Catholic priests on his show in a satirical skit featuring priests and young boys.
Commenting on the winner, Denham said: "Jim Davidson's so unfunny even my mother-in-law makes jokes about him.
Most of his insights are trite, obvious, and unfunny ("We all know that porn equals success.
After signing on with a hoax about the death of nationally syndicated talk guru Don Imus, whose popular show formerly held the slot, the infinitely unfunny Bruce and Melissa went straight downhill.