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PATSY KENSIT teamed up with Dudley Moore in the unfunniest farce ever shot in Venice.
Battling a lame script saturated with feeble Piers Morgan jokes, hapless host Clive Anderson delivered the unfunniest performance of his life.
No, that's not true - it wasn't the horse's idea to be in some of the unfunniest, least original sequences in film history, it was the script-writers.
Many old music hall fans were present at the funeral today of Fred 'Chuckles' Jenkins, Britain's oldest, unfunniest comedian.
If you're supposed to be funny but aren't, the soundest scheme is to engage supporting acts who make the unfunniest look hilarious.
The fact that he turns in his laziest, unfunniest performance ever (and that includes Ghostbusters 2) kills it stone dead.
He's not funny - he's the unfunniest man I've ever met, who says inappropriate things at inappropriate times.
But all his good work was undone by its Christmas Special, a Have I Got News For You rip-off which only needed Phil Jupitus to make it officially the unfunniest programme in Ulster's sorry TV history.
I wonder whether said viewers really demanded: Jack Of Hearts, a programme so appalling that it received record low audience figures when first shown; Satellite City, the unfunniest comedy ever made (including Terry and June); and Large, an insult to the intelligence of Welsh persons everywhere.
We're just at the stage of running it and thinking it's about the unfunniest thing ever, although it seemed incredibly funny when we first read it.
That and his false ginger beard, grotty underpants and vest, pot belly and manic inanity - regrettably all too often seen before TV's 9pm watershed - the crassest, unfunniest, least clever car commercial of this or any other year.
DEWEY FINN (School Of Rock) Long before he officially became the Unfunniest Man On The Planet (Tropic Thunder, Gulliver's 5 Travels, Tenacious D etc), Jack Black showed real promise as a wannabe rocker who tried to turn his class into pop stars.
Well, Jim Carrey arguably the unfunniest man on the planet has now jumped ahead of Jamie Oliver in my personal list of people who need a right good slap.
What Paul didn't realise was that Glenn was trying to be funny, and when Glenn tried to be funny it was time to pass around the laughing gas - he was probably the unfunniest man I have ever known.