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not furnished with funds


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Rattled Tories yesterday rushed out two unfunded election pledges in a bid to get back on the front foot, but both unravelled within hours.
amortization of the total unfunded actuarial accrued liability for determining
Not only does inaction hurt employees and retirees, it impacts all Illinois citizens who still face an incredible unfunded liability that endangers communities, retirement security and the state's fiscal integrity.
In the NIER's assessment, however, it is considered probable that the unfunded measures will amount to SEK 23 billion in 2013.
The report states that Worcester cut nearly $400 million from its unfunded retiree health care liability in the 2010 fiscal year but still has a $765 million unfunded liability that is unaffordable.
The total unfunded OPEB liability reported in state and the largest local governments' CAFRs exceeds $530 billion.
Another option involves "pre-funding" the cost by borrowing $31 billion and depositing it into a retiree benefit trust fund, eliminating $48 billion in unfunded liabilities for health care costs.
In May 2005, the league established a joint powers agency (JPA) to help districts deal with their unfunded liabilities; now the agency has established a trust with Union Bank of California to allow districts to fulfill their obligations to employees.
In 1995, after two years of one of the most effective and aggressive joint lobbying efforts by organizations representing state and local governments, (1) Congress passed and President Bill Clinton signed the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995, commonly known as UMRA (Public Law # 104-4).
The CalCPA Committee on Taxation put the question of unfunded sub-trusts to the IRS at its annual liaison meeting in November 2002.
NCSL has identified at least $30 billion in federal unfunded mandates and cost shifts within the 2006 federal budget proposal.
To call the MTBE waiver the "mother of all unfunded mandates" is an understatement and a serious betrayal to those of us who have fought for years against such federal edicts.
Prior to the legislation, funded nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements were taxed as they vested, but unfunded arrangements were only taxed when amounts were actually or constructively received, typically much later.
In order to use the funds most effectively from an institutional perspective, donated funds would ideally be awarded to students who would have otherwise been eligible for unfunded student aid.
The employer also pays a 2 per cent supplemental contribution, credited to the members' account, unless there is an unfunded liability, in which case it is used to fund that shortfall.