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not related to or suitable for everyday needs or activities

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It merits mentioning here that MRI machine worth millions of rupees was installed in Holy Family Hospital in the year 1999 but it got unfunctional in a few days.
every fridge magnet and mouse mat, every unfunctional plastic replica, until he would say Do you like that?
Our reforms would see much more unused and unfunctional brownfield land developed into a much more picturesque landscape of working allotments.
1) Defining the functional and unfunctional demands
When an articulation loses its mobility, the body compensates using another articulation that has the same dominant direction of movement like the one unfunctional.
The activity of the unfunctional poly(butadiene) coagents correlates strongly with the vinyl content.
To sell successfully now, she implies, a monkey wrench or the pump ought to exhibit "aesthetic" but unfunctional elements.