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of the Lambs has generated countless, mostly unfulfillable, dreams of
There is no eventual payment, only unfulfillable assurances to new generations that will be forced to pay for the debt now accumulated.
The visions of the Red Feds, by contrast, remained unfulfilled, if not unfulfillable.
Hodge submits at least 'three unfulfillable major promissory notes' (73); and perhaps there should have been more.
Desire comes from our unconscious as an unfulfillable, unconscious yearning to reunite with the mother.
His venomous attitude to the central myth of Christianity is well known: "the lie of the 'resurrected' Jesus, the impertinent doctrine of personal immortality" was an "obscenity of a conception, the most contemptible of all unfulfillable promises.
The tragic hero is no longer ennobled by suffering, nor dies struggling against this falsity but, crucially for Williams, internalizes the deadlock in the form of an unfulfillable aspiration:
Heterosexual masculine identity is an ongoing production of self that is underpinned by an unfulfillable desire to produce a centre and to generate a self that represses the initial primary identification with the mother.
it grows dark and we stumble in gathering ignorance in a land of loss and unfulfillable desire.
By the night he spoke at the Democratic Convention in late July, the expectations for Obama seemed almost unfulfillable.
Kira Jolliffe, founder of new 'anti-fashion' Cheap Date magazine, and organiser of The International Fashion Strike, said 'The tyranny of fashion is the creation of unfulfillable aspirations and pointless dress-code criteria.
nationalism founded in the unfulfillable longing for an irrecoverable
With many consulting opportunities unfulfillable, programmers well versed in Business Intelligence (BI) and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) techniques and using productivity enhancement tools will control the marketplace.
19) The title of the poem, "A Zacinto," is naturally read as a dedication to this unfulfilled and unfulfillable desire, but it just as easily could indicate direction, in this case, the direction of the poet's desire, the direction of his imaginary travel.
It reconfigures masculine identity in terms of a restless and unfulfillable desire, with satisfaction definitively deferred in the absence of an enabling organ.