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Antonyms for unfueled

not provided with fuel


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We have been unable to find an explanation of why Short omitted mentioning that he had bunched his aircraft, unfueled, unarmed, and requiring hours to be readied for combat.
1 (against sabotage exclusively) and that Army and Navy pursuit planes were bunched together unfueled and unarmed.
These selections include an array of dietary disasters that clog arteries and leave muscles unfueled.
They're sometimes high in fat, and will fill your stomach but leave muscles unfueled.
The TSET project concentrates on three areas of Russian thermionic technology; they are a completed unfueled Topaz-II space reactor, a single-cell thermionic fuel element (TFE) test rig, and a high-temperature low-voltage/high-current switching device (the Tacitron).
Too much protein results in too few carbohydrates, sometimes too much fat--and often unfueled muscles which hinder sports performance.
Athletes who are tired and hungry commonly reach for cookies, chips and other high-fat reward foods that fill the stomach but leave muscles unfueled.
Group spirit often culminates in high fat (sometimes high alcohol) parties that fill the stomach but leave the muscles unfueled.
If you're time-conscious you want to be sure to consume your share of carbs without indulging in too many of the fast-but-fatty convenience foods that fill your stomach and leave your muscles unfueled.
Muscular fatigue due to lack of carbohydrates: Peter's fast food meals filled his stomach, but left his muscles unfueled with adequate glycogen to support his training program.