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not frozen


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So neither Tehran nor Washington has a motivation to tout a large volume of cash about to be unfrozen.
Chris Collett from the RSPB in Northern England said: "Birds don't need much and by providing a supply of food, a patch of unfrozen water and somewhere to shelter you will be rewarded with great views of wildlife in your back garden.
government to pay Dotcom's legal fees as he is fighting to get his assets unfrozen.
In an unbelievable game they narrowly lost out 12-11 to Barclays and despite Notts Forest losing to 2 Swans Unfrozen Cavemen were relegated to Division Three.
At least four bank accounts of big criminals in Ben Ali's system were recently unfrozen in Switzerland, which is very distressing for the Tunisian people," he explained.
And, it can also be used for standard, unfrozen applications.
jurisdiction unfrozen and do business with American entities, the State Department said.
OWe are trying our very best to co-operate with the tax authorities and get our accounts unfrozen at the earliest so that normalcy could be restored, employee salaries paid and further aircraft recoveries started.
PORTSMOUTH players will get their February wages after the Championship club's bank account was unfrozen.
However, it was then unfrozen in September after he appealed in absentia because it predated sanctions imposed by the Swiss in May over the Syrian government's crackdown on the uprising against the president, according to the Swiss court ruling.
The club is now seeking a validation order from the court in order to have its bank accounts unfrozen so that staff wages and suppliers can be paid.
He confirmed that the unfrozen funds and assets are being handed over to the Libyan Government in order to facilitate its financila situation to implement its plans.
assures the maximum speed in the use of unfrozen Libyan funds?
Moreover, some assets have been unfrozen and given to specific humanitarian organizations.
The participants in the meeting supported the Libyan demand for five billion dollars to be unfrozen urgently from blocked assets" of Moamer Kadhafi's regime, Aref Ali Nayed, the TNC's envoy to the United Arab Emirates said.