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  • verb

Synonyms for unfreeze

become or cause to become soft or liquid

make (assets) available

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If you are randomly selected to participate in the online promotion, Dunkin' Donuts will notify you via e-mail so you can see if your shots at the ice unfreeze the Mountain Dew Coolatta cup.
It was that "if Brussels wants Bulgaria to once again become the poorest and most corrupt country in the EU, then they should not unfreeze the funds and should bring back the previous government.
The two suspects told the victim they would only be able to pay him after they gave Dh400,000 to their bank in Africa to unfreeze their funds.
Although NSBA supports efforts to unfreeze the secondary market, it has been disappointed by this endeavor's many false starts.
The FDIC has refrained so far from subsidising the company by maintaining that its loan guarantee programme was designed to unfreeze credit markets and not to bail out companies.
THE US Federal Reserve are releasing another EUR800billion in a bid to unfreeze the credit market.
The automaker will start the buyback programme as soon as financial markets unfreeze in order to take advantage of its low share price.
As a result the Swiss authorities took measures to unfreeze Al-Qadi's assets", Al-Khunizan added.
75 per cent on Tuesday night and a fresh intervention to unfreeze money markets from the Bank of England.
District Judge Leon Holmes said he would hold a hearing on a motion, the details of which are under seal, that apparently seeks to unfreeze some of Jewell's assets.
Finally, a brother and sister learn what happens when you unfreeze a Yeti in sunny California in "The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena.
Many, no doubt, are hoping that The Day After Tomorrow will help unfreeze the UN's Kyoto Protocol, which the U.
1 seconds, mostly because Greg Popovich couldn't get his face to unfreeze.
The opposition has a responsibility to help unblock the country and unfreeze the money," he said.
One team will reportedly visit the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, whose inspectors were expelled from North Korea last month in the wake of Pyongyang's decision to unfreeze its nuclear development program.