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  • verb

Synonyms for unfreeze

become or cause to become soft or liquid

make (assets) available

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Dar requests accountability court to unfreeze Hajvery Trust accounts
He further informed the court that if the accounts were not unfreeze then there was certain of closure of the Trust.
But currently, credit bureaus charge consumers recurring fees as high as $15 each time they use their PIN numbers to freeze or unfreeze their credit reports.
Credit bureaus, Wyden said, charge consumers recurring fees as high as $15 each time they use their PIN numbers to freeze or unfreeze their credit reports.
Today, less than a week before the PA is set to become an official ICC member (April 1), Israel announced it would unfreeze the funds and resume tax transfers to the PA.
His declaration this week that he will "under no circumstances" accept a PS7,000 pay rise for MPs "until such time as they unfreeze the pay of workingclass people" says it all.
Under the interim nuclear agreement that took effect January 20, the United States authorized two other payments totaling $1 billion in March and is due to unfreeze another billion dollars in payments this week and next week.
The agreement will see the United States unfreeze billions in Iranian assets while the EU notably suspends a 2012 ban on insuring and transporting Iranian crude oil.
He invited a team from the Libyan authorities to come to Malta and make the necessary fact finding to enable them to unfreeze the assets in line with international law.
PNN On Monday 3rd December, Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said in a statement that they deplore the recent Israeli government decision to build 3,000 new housing units and unfreeze development in the E1 block.
The one thing that could not be hidden in New York is that there is a great international pressure on both sides to unfreeze the negotiations and what is most important is that the negotiations have entered a new phase that does not only depend on Greece's will and that this new phase can be shown as hopeless and useless only if Macedonia allows this.
The internet mogul's offer was conditional, insisting that in return US federal authorities must guarantee him and three co-accused bail and unfreeze seized funds so he can pay for his defence.
other countries to unfreeze billions of dollars to help Libyans build their
TRIPOLI, Libya (TAP) - In his first visit to Libya since Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown, Italy's Foreign Minister said Friday that his country is ready to unfreeze 2.
The United Nations (UN) has agreed to unfreeze nearly 1.