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held in servitude

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hampered and not free

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Before Grant, however, Washington's own self-scrutiny, with respect to the contradictory attachments to freedom and unfreedom that lay at the foundation of his being, proves to be persuasive for a character named Listwell who watches unobserved.
These discourses gloss over structural inequalities of opportunity between different categories of Africans, some of whom are more vulnerable than others to harsh forms of dependence and unfreedom.
YET IF BURCKHARDT WAS THE MOST SEVERE critic going of ancient unfreedom, he detested even more what the men of his time were doing with their unexampled freedom.
Under the presumption of unfreedom, on the contrary, it is generally impossible to prove that a specific act will do no wrong, for it may have a very large number of complex or unknown consequences, each of which would have to be proven harmless.
Some moral minimum of primary goods given the well-ordered society, or some level of assurance that unfreedoms will not proliferate, would be the "just" outcome in determining overall environmental quality and economic possibilities regardless of your generation.
26) Other essays explore the range of freedom and unfreedom historically experienced by workers across the globe: from coerced military workers and seamen (Niklas Frykman and Peter Way) to the inescapable importance of slave and indentured labour to capitalist development.
Journalists presented challenges particular to their cultures, governments and state of freedom or unfreedom.
His self-thwarting plots and narrative modes embody a 'melancholy knowledge' of unfreedom, haunted by dreams of Enlightenment and the empty promise of expressive democracy.
Both courses sought to demonstrate that when you enter the zone of the Americas you enter into the ongoing relations of freedom for some and unfreedom for others.
They cover the Scottish political community during the reign of Alexander II 1214-49; Homo ligius and unfreedom in medieval Scotland; Scottish royal government in the 13th century from an English perspective; neighbors, the neighborhood, and the visnet in Scotland 1125-1300; Cistercian identities in Scotland during the 12th and 13th centuries: the case of Melrose Abbey; the language of objects: material culture in medieval Scotland; and a role for formal models in representing aspects of medieval Scotland.
8) While I certainly suggest there, as I do here, that black dispossession reveals the limits of our present geographic order and opens up a way to imagine new modes of black geographic thought, it is challenging to think outside the interlocking data of black erasure, unfreedom, and anti-black violence.
Whistleblowers do something much more important than stating the obvious by way of denouncing the openly oppressive regimes: they render public the unfreedom that underlies the very situation in which we experience ourselves as free.
30), who might then achieve a degree of membership in the polity, both civil life and civil death, as well as political inclusion and exclusion, exist less as absolute conditions than as locations on a slippery scale of freedom and unfreedom.
Something may have shifted with 9/11, but the history of Western unfreedom is such a long one.
If the integration-process of the correlated actual freedom and expansion is defined as "development", then the interactions between the economic unfreedom, social unfreedom and political unfreedom can be viewed as negative influences on development.