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held in servitude

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hampered and not free

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The challenge facing all workers is to demystify the power of unfree masters.
While Nathaniel operated the plantation, Sylvester Manor emerged as the largest slaveholding property in colonial New York owning twenty-three enslaved Africans and perhaps several other unfree white and Indian laborers.
Temporary work, agencies, and unfree labor; insecurity in the new world of work.
WASHINGTON, May 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Press Club commemorated the 20th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day with a sober reminder of how unfree the press is in most of the world and a pledge to keep working to change that.
Are the men of the Vatican so unfree that they choose to ignore the movement of the spirit of the people of God?
Shackling a free Press shouldn't be a priority and tonight's whipped, unfree vote by MPs is the politics of the lost plot.
Visibly agitated, the PM proceded to ask journalists present at the press event whether any one of them felt pressured or unfree in their work, reports OffNews.
says: "This society was built on the bent backs of the unfree.
It was ultimately through the introduction of unfree labour to Swan River in 1850 that capitalist social relations were able to advance, and almost 10,000 convicts were relocated to the location by 1868, when transportation ceased (Battye, 1924: 197).
Civil society always must have the space to make its voice heard; the consequences of an inability to do so are there for all to see in the experience of unfree countries.
I wonder whether, contrary to the situation in unfree countries, the American blogosphere doesn't serve a demobilizing function, encouraging people to blow off steam by sitting at home concocting clever comments rather than engaging the broader public.
Their authors are men and women from throughout the social spectrum, rich and poor, free and unfree.
Instead of brutal institutions of unfree labor, Phillips sees southern California ranchos as not "terribly oppressive" like their northern counterparts and as providing Native Californians the opportunity to retain autonomy and culture.
Blacks, then, entered a region with an ingrained history of unfree labor and racial prejudice.
Green, former pastor and general secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, mines a wealth of sources, including first-hand accounts by British Baptists who visited Continental Europe, including Germany, before, during, and after the Nazi era and World War II, and the only book-length study of German Baptists in the Third Reich, Andrea Strubind's Die unfreie Freikirche: Der Bund der Baptistengemeinden im 'Dritten Reich' (The Unfree Free Church: The [German] Baptist Union in the Third Reich, 1995).