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Antonyms for unframed

not provided with a frame


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Collectors can buy the set of six for pounds 2,250 unframed or pounds 3,500 framed.
UnFRAMED is about his experiences as a little boy raised largely by his loving grandmother in the Caribbean; his relocation with his mother to Connecticut; and his difficulties and triumphs adjusting to life in America, including his struggles with the immigration authorities.
703-2M unframed interfaces and online tests on G703-2M framed interfaces.
The art contest is sponsored by the departmenta[euro](tm)s Bureau of Aviation and it asks that artwork be submitted on paper, unframed, un-matted, un-laminated and done by hand.
Please send me: Qty Price P& P TOTAL Unframed A3 Photo pounds 14.
The sale includes 30 unframed North Wales views, to be sold in lots of three - estimates are set at a comfortably affordable pounds 40-60 per lot.
A RANGE of Aston Martin framed and unframed prints are now available to buy via a new website from The Aston Workshop in County Durham.
Cri du Coeur, 2005, an unframed frieze of hand-printed paper twenty-six inches high, bordered the gallery at floor level.
The units support unframed E-3, and framed or unframed T-3 circuits, respectively, and an Ethernet user port.
According to the company, the RICi-E3 and RICi-T3 support unframed E3 and framed or unframed T3 circuits respectively, and an Ethernet user port.
I want them to look in their closets and bring out any prints or paintings that they might have, framed or unframed.
It provides Unframed PRBS Generated output at multiple rates from T1 through STM-1.
24, the posters -- most are unframed, but some are framed to demonstrate the various mat and framing options -- will be on display in a gallery setting at Bloomingdale's Lexington Avenue flagship store here at the top of the fifth-floor escalator.
Ten framed sketches and about 50 unframed ones will be available for purchase, most of them measuring 4 inches by 6 inches and drawn using graphite on acid-free paper.