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Antonyms for unframed

not provided with a frame


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com now offers customers the option of buying framed or unframed prints of creators' images, with fulfillment by Graphik Dimensions Ltd.
The presence of furniture stores and chains in this market is fairly limited to items such as metal and wood wall plaques, unframed tapestries and other larger, more pricey items.
Journal writing comes the closest to that form of materiality that is the realm of the unbound, the rhetorically unframed, uncoded human experience.
99) or you can have an unframed print for pounds 7.
com, the leading online custom frame shop and art gallery, has expanded its offerings to include unframed prints for approximately 50,000 titles.
Alan Figg's work features at the exhibition As part of the exhibition, which takes place at Oriel Canfas Gallery in Canton, there will also be a Print Fair on July 31 featuring original unframed prints from Swansea Print Workshop.
The sale includes 30 unframed North Wales views, to be sold in lots of three - estimates are set at a comfortably affordable pounds 40-60 per lot.
The unframed work by the mysterious artist was previewed at auction house Bonhams in London this week.
Unframed, slightly dog-eared, and arranged (apart from one pair, on an opposite wall) in an amorphous cluster, they work only if the viewer is prepared to squint and could easily disappear into the background of a less-sympathetic context.
The Bit Error Tester, PN 701182-1, is a standalone device designed to provide unframed, high-speed, serial binary output ranging from T-1 to STM-1 rates.
75 one-foot-square carpet pieces, unframed, with a program and invitation.
And an unframed Laurel and Hardy photo dated 1947 went for EUR2,800.
24, the posters -- most are unframed, but some are framed to demonstrate the various mat and framing options -- will be on display in a gallery setting at Bloomingdale's Lexington Avenue flagship store here at the top of the fifth-floor escalator.