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Synonyms for unfoundedly

without basis or foundation in fact

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That is, those calling for a strategic actor Europe or a Europe capable of global (hard-power) leverage are unfoundedly optimistic, or misguided about its potential.
Western countries unfoundedly claim Iran is trying to acquire the ability to produce nuclear weapons.
Mladenov, addressing AJC's Global Forum in Washington declared, "We will stand up to those who aim to subvert the Durban process; Bulgaria will continue to be part of the preparation for the forthcoming Durban III conference, but will reconsider its participation in the process if it fails to meet its original lofty goals and continues to unfoundedly single out the state of Israel.
No criminal accusations have ever been brought against me; however, Laurinkus' secret certificate presented to Seimas unfoundedly accused me of all possible transgressions.
An act is committed out of negligence when the offender: a) foresaw the outcome of his/her act, but did not accept it, because he/she unfoundedly deemed it unlikely to take place; or b) did not foresee the outcome of his/her act, although he/she ought and would have been able to (Art.
Those who do accuse people of racism wildly and unfoundedly are playing into the hands of those people who really are racists and the far right, who know full well that there will always be some people who will make the mistake of accusing persons of racism without properly being able to substantiate it.
She blackmailed my client and tried to extract money [Dh15,000] from him when she malevolently and unfoundedly claimed to the police and the prosecutors that she was raped.
Officials of commercial banks in turn said exchange offices set unfoundedly high exchange rates for US dollars and Euros, causing panic and triggering growing demand for foreign currencies.