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True believers, who see the new tools as the only realistic way to bring the risks of undeclared records, misapplied records series codes, and unfound records down to an acceptable level at an acceptable cost
The remainder tabled elbows, leaned in, flushed with Riesling, unfound by outsiders, aware only among themselves, all.
After all, a BIG idea is not only large and robust, but imaginative, sitting somewhere on the fringe of an unfound market frontier.
There are, undoubtedly, tens and hundreds of evidence and historical remainders exist in this city, some of which are still unfound.
Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, he recalled that Hamid Mir had done baseless propaganda against PML leaders including him, Abdul Karim Nosherwani, Shoaib Nosherwani and others and termed them agents of establishment which is absolutely unfound and untrue.
Seeking to find a voice as yet unfound, ears closed to contemporary noise - it's the way new horizons are drafted.
Many believe the larger unfound deposits are in deeper waters of Cook Inlet.
The fragmentary and contingent nature of how individuals experience history is here demonstrated or rather, staged in a startling, corporeal and sensuous manner that makes viewers want to return again and again in search of yet unfound experiences.
It was all he could afford as long as he was still paying the mortgage on our house in the suburbs, and there was no way, as long as Aida remained unfound, that our mother would let him sell it.
He was clearly easy pickings for the as-yet unfound assailant.
Joe Lynskey, Kevin McKee, Seamus Wright, Robert Nairac, Columba McVeigh, Brendan Megraw and Seamus Ruddy remain unfound.
Knowing how to use social media can develop client/business relationships otherwise left unfound.
these, unfound, pretended, become high lake surfaces of chagrin, false,
As a result, Putin will remain the unfound political leader of the Russian educated citizens, the leader that saved economic prosperity that will bring up new political leaders of new Russia.