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the estimate of the War Department is 25,000 National soldiers kill'd in battle and never buried at all, 5,000 drown'd--15,000 inhumed by strangers or on the march in haste, in hitherto unfound localities--2,000 graves cover'd by sand and mud, by Mississippi freshets, 3,000 carried away by caving-in of banks, &c.
As a result, Phillips 66 not only has been condemned to accept the debt calculation made by PDVSA, but also it has been ordered reimbursing PDVSA all the court cost that amounts 1,5 million dollars as a consequent of trying to undertake a reckless and unfound demand.
The comments come despite the French government having been consistently criticised for high taxes on the banking sector and also for unfound criticisms from politicians.
Everyone has to respect the mandate, therefore the rumors regarding dissolving assemblies is unfound and baseless, he asserted.
So rather than approaching lost plays 'solely in terms of unfound manuscripts, we should instead be concentrating on the content from them that we do have' (81).
Stollman and Beit-Arie, who in his eighties remains actively involved at the library, make it clear that they believe the Codex is better left unfound.
They had been wrongly mentioned as smugglers through unfound statements.
I wish to assure the general public that the alleged statement by the State Governor circulated on Media on Jonglei State Gubernatorial position is unfound and intended to mislead the Lou-Nuer community under the SPLM/A leadership," he added.
firm Honeywell Aerospace, is designed to be able to last for 30 days and the cause of the tragedy may never be solved as long as the black box remains unfound.
Fears that if the process is to continue after the General Election it might not be a priority of the new government are unfound.
The Sudan's Permanent Mission to the UN has circulated a press release in which it has expressed regret those unfound statements and judgments, particularly with regard to the negative talk about the UNAMID exit strategy and the description of the situation in Darfur as deteriorating.
The disappearance was noted in metropolitan and provincial British newspapers, and as his body remained unfound through the following weeks and months, this turned into the widely reported "Zermatt Mystery.
The motifs "an unfound door" in Look Homeward, Angel (2, 296, 621, 622) or "we walk the streets of life alone" in Of Time and the River (155, 160, 885-86) express regret for the loss of oneness and suggest the quests in which Wolfe's characters learn to capture fusion reminiscent of a Golden Age, whether it is the narrator of "Death the Proud Brother" (70) or Eugene on his night prowls, feeling "the great tide flowing in the hearts of men .
Leaks which have no visible indication on the surface could remain unfound and unfixed for months without the leak detectors.
Called Unfound, the journal will publish once a year, concentrating on the Asian American experience.